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Thank you for the advice and tips everyone! Definitely going to check out Mike's book, and practice some more with it. Just bought some new stuff to try too, so I'm excited.

When I bought the 21, I bought the kit that came with Buff & Shine's UROTEC pads. Are these solid pads that I can start with? I also have a Rupes Yellow foam, Meguiars MF cutting pad, and B&S fiber pads.

Also just bought a 4" BP for the PC and some 4" pads. I have a 3" BP and pads for the PC as well, but they're a bit difficult to work with. The machine makes weird noises with the 3" if I bring it up to 4-5.. kind of like an impact gun.
Yes, those pads are great.

Make sure you have that compression washer installed! Very important!

The Compression Washer