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Boat and Car Detailing Class Dates for 2020 here at Autogeek in Stuart, Florida


2020 Mobile Tech Expo Class Schedule

I have 8 classes at Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida

1: Boat Detailing with Ceramic Coating

2: Short Stroke vs Long Stroke Polishers

3 Free Spinning vs Gear-drive Polishers

4: Detailing Clay vs Clay Mitts/Towels

5: How to install a Ceramic Coating + How to correctly wash a ceramic coated car.

6: 1-Step Process versus a 4-Step Process

7: Tire Coatings vs Tire Dressings

And the most popular class I teach every year,

8: How to become the recognized expert detailer in your home town!

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February – 2-day Boat Detailing Class

Dates: Saturday, February 8th and Sunday, February 9th

The MOST hands-on boat detailing class on Planet Earth! You TRAIN on 2 BOATS in HORRIBLE CONDITION

Boat #1 = a 21' Sea Hunt Center Console

Boat #2 = a 23' Pro Line Walk Around

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February - 3-Day Car Detailing Bootcamp Class at Autogeek

Dates: Friday, February 21st - Saturday, February 22nd - Sunday, February 23rd

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May - 3-Day Car Detailing Bootcamp Class here at Autogeek

Date: Friday, May 1st - Saturday, May 2nd - Sunday, May 3rd

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September - 3-Day Car Detailing Bootcamp Class at Autogeek

Date: Friday, September 25th - Saturday the 26th - Sunday the 27th

NOTE: We normally hold the first 3-day car detailing Bootcamp class the last weekend of January but because we'll be at Mobile Tech Expo we've moved it to February after the boat detailing class.

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