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    Re: SIO2 Coating Maintenance

    I gave up on Cure as my wife's black car kept streaking at 50 / 50. I switched to the new BF SIO2 sealant and love it. You cannot streak it. When I run out of the 32 oz bottle, I'll but a gallon.
    If I didn't want a SIO2 product, I'd use M 37 Extender Spray wax or Meguires D 156.

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    Re: SIO2 Coating Maintenance

    Quote Originally Posted by bfenne View Post
    Thank you Guz!

    I ordered a liter before I saw your post. More than enough for me. Thanks for your solid advice again.

    Nice. Enjoy it. Mixing in Cure as mentioned is a nice touch.

    I personally have never had an issue with Cure streaking at full strength or 50/50.

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    Re: SIO2 Coating Maintenance

    Thanks for all the replies guys!

    I am not opposed to blending in Cure to the ECH20. Curious what is the benefit? Also what Cure dilution ratio do you put into say 1:20 Ech20 mix?

    So I am new to the SIO2 coating world and why I went with coating light products like Gyeon Can Coat and McKee's 10 min paint sealant. Wanted something more forgiving to work with. Cant speak to durability yet as they are fresh with in last week or two. I did chemical and mechanical decon, paint restoration and prepped surface before application.

    Both were great to work with. I both used on "every" exterior surface on different vehicles. I will say I probably used more product than needed due to inexperience with coatings and I found hard to follow product during application on light colored vehicles under good lighting. I worked one panel / area at a time using a micro fiber applicator pad. I split big panels up. Applied and buffed before moving to next panel to prevent high spots. I applied 2 coats for each vehicle waiting a few hours between second coats. After second coats I waited a few hours again before applying Gyeon Cure (FULL STRENGTH) on Can Coat and McKee's Trademark Extender Wax on 10 min paint sealant. I sprayed on MF applicator pad and applied to surface and buffed going panel by panel.

    My thoughts on both products...

    Can Coat and 10 min Paint Sealant

    1. Both fairly simple to use
    2. Seemed to require more buffing than I expected. Primarily paint and glass. Black plastics smooth and porus was a breeze.
    3. I am not an expert but gloss/shine look incredible
    4. I am now converted to SIO2 style products

    Cure / Trademark Extender Wax

    1. Very simple to use
    2. I am not an expert but gloss/shine and slickness look and feel incredible
    3. I am now converted to SIO2 style products

    What Ive learned..

    1. Can Coat and 10 Min Paint Sealant-Trust the product and process even if you cant see it. Then second coat should get any areas you may have missed. May help with the buffing also.
    2. Cure / Extender Wax- Have fresh applicator / rags ready. When rag is saturated streaking potential high. Switch to new applicator / rag. Use saturated rags / applicator on glass or wheels and buff.
    3. Probably will stay with SIO2 based light products so I have more flexibility.
    4. I would reccomend both brands products and will use again if longevity is reasonably better that a paste wax. Time will tell.

    Just though I would share. Thanks to all who have helped me.

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    Re: SIO2 Coating Maintenance

    Great summary above!

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    Re: SIO2 Coating Maintenance

    Don’t forget about McKee’s 37 Hydro Blue.

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