I want to get a new buffer but not until January or February, but I decided I should get some pads now since I have $$$ laying around. I was looking at the Buff & Shine Uro-Tec's, and I noticed the Reflection Artist 5 packs make them a lot cheaper then buying the pads on their own. Googling I see a lot of people love the Uro-Fibers, but I can't find anything on the Gray Uro-Wools. Does anyone here use the new Uro-Wool? The only reviews I found were for the older Uro-Wool pads (White'ish ones) Is there some mix and match method where I can order 20 pads on their own for the same'ish price? Seems like I wouldn't really use the Uro-Wool so those would be a waste, but if it's cheaper to get 4 of the 5 pack kits so be it. The kit comes with the dark blue foam, I see they have a coarse blue too. Which B&S says is heavy cutting and good for one steps, Would there be any reason to use this over a Uro-Fiber or Uro-Fiber Finishing? I know there's not one pad for every situation, but wouldn't those 2 Fiber's take care of heavy correction, and finish down as good, or better? I'm trying to figure out if I should order any of the coarse blue. Here's my cart - 4 packs of the 5" Reflection Artist + 4 Uro-Fiber Finishing + 4 whites = nothing else needed right? I know I probably don't even need the whites, but for applying wax and sealants they'll be money. I'm asking the experts here because maybe the coarse blue's would serve a purpose for me. I'm uhhh, a semi pro detailer who's trying to step it up to full time and hopefully land more correction work. My old setup was a G15 with Scholl Spider pads, I've never used any other pads. I've always read good things about B&S, and the price on the Reflection Artist 5 pack's fantastic. I haven't 100% decided on a machine yet, but it won't be a 3401, which B&S says the Uro pads aren't really good for.