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    My first write up: 2005 trail blazer

    I was contacted recently to do a single stage correction on this 05 trail blazer. There was no interior work to be done on the car as the owner kept it spotless, and tried her best on the outside. It was fairly clean, but it was hazy and severely swirled.

    Adams car wash
    Adams APC
    Meguiars Super Degreaser
    Meguiars blue clay
    Turtle wax rinseless as clay lube
    Menzerna FG400
    Orange Uber foam pads
    White CCS pad (for glass)
    Detailers Pride Glass Polish
    Dodo Juice Blue Velvet pro
    Auto Finesse Crystal
    Colinite 845
    Carpro PEARL
    Cquartz Dlux
    Carpro Hydro2
    Meguiars Hot shine tire spray (for fender liners)
    Meguiars Endurance

    The car was first foamed with a mixture of Adam's APC and car wash, and then washed via 2bm with Adam's car wash.

    The trim was coated in some nasty oily mess, which had over time built up a film below every window molding and door handle. On a side note, it beaded quite well.

    tblazer - AutogeekOnline Gallery

    After washing, it was clayed with TW rinseless and Meg's blue clay. As you can see here, I was dealing with some decent contamination.

    After claying, I used Megs Super Degreaser to tackle the film, and then the car was washed for a final time.

    After washing, I was able to see the true condition of the paint.

    The paint had severe swirls, a general greyness to it, and severe water marks along the bottoms of the fenders, doors, and quarter panels. So, for my test spot I tried my favorite combonation, Rupes 15 or in some resprayed areas a GG with 3 inch bp and 4 inch pads, uber orange pads 6 inch and 4 inch, and FG400. The plan was originally to try this combo with the intent to finish with an aio, however, the paint took to this combo so well, that it was lsp ready after a minor adjustment to arm speed, and dropping the speed to 3. I was under quite the time crunch (4 hours for the job) so my 50/50 isn't perfect and neither are the rest of them.

    The goal with this detail wasn't perfection, as some areas were starting to show cc failure with crows feet.

    tblazer - AutogeekOnline Gallery

    After correcting the entire car, I finally got to restore the headlamps. I do this to every car I do any paint correction on, as I fell if you don't, then they stick out like a sore thumb. I failed to get any close up after pictures.

    After the headlights, I gave all of the windows a light polish and rewashed the car. After drying, I gave the glass a coat of 845, the wheels were hit with Hydro2, the rubber trim and seals were coated with PEARL, and the tires were dressed as well as the inner fender liners. After this, I started to restore the trim with Dlux.

    Once finished with the trim, I applied two coats of blue velvet pro, sat back and enjoyed the customer's reaction.

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: My first write up: 2005 trail blazer

    Excellent work on that Chevy, it look as if it's brand new again but better...keep up the hard work/write ups

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    Re: My first write up: 2005 trail blazer

    Thank you very much.

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