Sorry for not posting as frequently. Just super busy with my business and life! Heres a couple daily drivers that needed a bit of work.

First up was a HHR a repeat client brought me. They just purchased it for there daughter as a first car. The interior was really nice and didn`t need anything other than a light cleaning. The exterior on the other hand needed some work. But it actually didn`t go as bad as I was originally thinking.


Hyper wash, agressive wash and decon with Nanoskin medium grade towel.


Foaming wheel cleaner gel, Fast metal polish, Gloss tire gel, LATA

Correction- So after a serious wash and decon the paint felt kinda like it had overspray all over it. It was hazy and dull. I used my Rupes Mark ll 21mm and Rupes yellow pad with 3D ONE on my test spot and was plesantly surprised with the following results! My thought is that it was some sort of salt air film being it lived right near the ocean and was never washed. The whole vehicle got a one step with this combo and it did wonders for the paint!

LSP- IGL Premier

The headlights were trashed and needed some serious restoration.
Dry sanded with 500 grit and 800 grit using my 3in adams swirl killer mini. Machine damp sanded with 1000 and 3000 Mirka abralon disks. Compounded with M100, Meguiars microfiber pad and swirl killer mini. Finish polished with Rupes yellow and 3D ONE.

Next up was another repeat client that brought in his girls Honda Accord. This was getting corrected, sealed, interior detail and IGL Leather coating.


Hyper wash, 2BM, Nanoskin light grade towel


Foaming wheel cleaner gel, LATA, Hyper dressing

Correction- This paint had scene better days for sure. But being somewhat softer paint that Honda has I wanted to see how 3D ONE would cut and finish. I have to tell you this stuff keeps amazing me more and more. I pulled out my Mark ll 21 and a Rupes yellow pad and wasn`t let down. Around 4 passes on speed 4-4.5 with medium arm speed resulted in a awesome finish for one step. It make quick work of this sedan.

LSP- IGL Premier

Interior- Mckees total interior cleaner, Mckees carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Leather seats- Coated in IGL Leather coating.