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    Re: SiO2 Ceramic Spray Sealant comparison test

    I agree with Jescar Bead-it. Itís simple to use, has a decent amount of durability and gloss. My only complaint is it does allow small water spots to develop after rain. But it spots less than Sonax PNS/BSD.

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    Re: SiO2 Ceramic Spray Sealant comparison test

    [QUOTE=acuRAS82;2177615]Update from 10/24/2020 (~4.5 months):
    The X5 has continued to live outside 80% of time, including during inclement weather.

    There hasnít been much good rain lately and I havenít had time to take decent roof pictures, but I snapped these this morning after steady rain all Friday night.

    NOTE: Only the Coating Lite Wannabes on the middle-back roof and WG CSC on front passenger side are remaining in this test. The rest were dead/dying and removed in the last update. I again forgot to take pictures of WG CSC, but itís still doing well, but hard to compare with the other 4 since itís off on itís own. My guess is that itís doing as well as the top 2.

    Middle-Back Roof:

    I know itís not easy to take or see detail in roof pictures. But based on beading, I rank the following:
    Coating lite wannabes:
    1) Feynlab
    2) Wowoís CS
    3) IGL
    4) TW Hybrid Solutions CSC

    Feynlab looks as good as Wowoís, and I give it the win because itís in the middle where water pools the most and beading generally looks the worst... and it fully sheets a few seconds faster after a wash.

    IGL which started off as the most impressive of these 4 is a notch below at 4.5 months, but certainly still alive. Beading is getting less uniform and larger.

    TW HS CSC is still hanging on somehow. As noted in the previous update, some days it looks almost dead, but then it seems to come back to life after a wash with Reset. It sheeted the slowest after the last wash.

    Iíll try to get some sheeting pictures next wash if my wife can help with pics. Itís too hard to take useful overhead pics on my own. I also need to remember the front roof WG is still in play and get some pics.

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    SiO2 Ceramic Spray Sealant comparison test

    FINAL Update from 11/5/2020 (Almost 5 months):
    The X5 has stayed outside 90% of time since last update a few weeks ago. It got a lot of rain and then for the last week it sat around collecting dirt and dead leaves.

    Iím calling the test over and will strip the roof to get a winter LSP on while the weather is warm.

    As far as the post-wash hose testing goes, only Feynlab CSC and WG CSC have any life in them. WG looks like new today.

    Anyways, regarding the coating Lite wannabes, Feynlab looks like the only one remaining, although itís taken a beating.

    Middle-Back Roof:

    This with the flat spray setting which seems to simulate a heavy rain pretty well. Pics taken a few seconds apart, ending with a final pic around 10sec:

    A second round, pics a few seconds apart, final around 4-5sec:

    Feynlab is the only one that can be considered alive. It sheets fully between the 8-10sec range.

    As mentioned above, WG CSC on the passenger side front roof looks great. Compared to my early spring testing with this product, it has performed amazing, but Iím not comparing to the items on the back roof due to location.

    Front roof:


    I would guess that TW died right around the last update. IGL seemed totally flat a week ago. Wowoís still looks alive in rain but very poor water behavior.

    Therefore, the life of the coating lites went like:
    1-Bonus) WG CSC (still great, but on front)
    1) Feynlab CSC (still well)
    2) Wowoís CS(calling dead now).
    3) IGL Premier (called dead 1+ weeks ago)
    4) TW HS CSC (called dead at least 2 weeks ago, but seemed dead a few times prior).

    Thanks for following!!

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