Got my 2016 MINI Cooper S/JCW with mix of black solid and perforated leather about a year ago. I did a lot of research on a good leather system that had both a cleaner and protectant. I wanted to use something more than a typical leather detailer. Years ago and on a different vehicle, I used Leatherique system which was a lot of work for not a ton of result.

Based on my research I settled on the GYEON Strong LeatherSet which is a kit of their Strong Leather Cleaner and LeatherCoat. It also includes a brush, towel and microfiber applicator.

I want to note that this system comes LeatherCoat which is rated up to 3 months of protection. LeatherShield is the other GYEON leather coating and is rated up to 12months. If you want to know more, google an article written by Jeff McEachran at GYEON.

There is a 3 step process to using the kit:
1. Cleaning: I started by vaccuming all the seats to remove all crumbs etc. For the the leather cleaner, you apply it to the microfiber towel and then rub the towel against your leather surface. It is recommended to move in one direction. The cleaner comes out as a light foam and is easy to control coming out of the bottle and is easy to use. After applying the leather cleaner I followed up by wiping down all seat surfaces with a damp water cloth.

My seats are in good condition but it was impressive seeing how much dirt got pulled off not only by the leather cleaner but also by the follow up pass with towel dampened only with water.

Before doing anything:
Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-before-jpg

After Cleaning:
Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-after-cleaner-jpg

After Water Wipe down:
Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-after-water-wipedown-jpg

Leather Cleaner Towel:
Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-cleaner-rag-jpg

Damp water cloth after wipe down:
Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-water-wipe-down-jpg

2. Applying the coating: I used a new microfiber towel to apply the LeatherCoat. "Installation" is straightfoward - spray the LeatherCoat on the towel, wipe the towel on your leather surface in one direction. The bottle is a small pump bottle and again is easy to use. The spray pattern is not too wide and not too narrow (looking at you BSD!!). The atomization of the product is also in the sweet spot, not to heavy or misty (looking at you again BDS!).

For actually applying the product, it's about 90% as easy as interior quick detailer. The product goes on smoothly - not grabby or greasy and it is wet enough on application you can see what areas you covered. You are only using a little bit of product and need to be mindful of moving in one direction.

I waited several hours after the first coat and put on a second coat on the front seats.

Application while wet:
Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-treated-untreated-jpg

Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-back-seat-dried-jpg

Front Seat 2 coats and driving a few times:
Product Review: GYEON Strong LeatherSet-front-seat-jpg

Final Thoughts

Good Feelz:
- Great Leather Cleaner
- Easy to Apply
- Dries Matte
- Highly Recommend if you want a leather cleaning and coating system.

Neutral Feelz:
- Seats feel different while driving. They are not grabby but you don't slide around as much as before. You can definitely tell there is something there. I don't really care hence why this is neutral - just something for you to know.

Bad Feelz:
- Have some minor streakiness in certain spots. The wife didn't notice so it really is minor. First time I've used a leather coating product so easily could be my technique, either too much or too little product. I don't know.