Review: BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray

BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray

What is it?

Spray-on detailer specifically formulated for matte surfaces.

What does it do?

Safely removes light dust, fingerprints and smudges off of matte surfaces.

When do I use it?

Anytime you want to clean a lightly dirty matte surface and give it that just detailed look.

Why should I use it?

To maintain a clean matte finish in-between normal washing and drying. To protect and extend the life of matte coatings and materials.

From the manufacturer

BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray

BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is specially formulated for flat matte finishes. Matte cars require a unique formula too keep their surfaces looking their best and it’s BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is the one to remove dirt, dust and other debris from the surface, while providing protection that won’t damage the matte finish. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is safe to use on matte wheels, vinyl decals and other matte finished surfaces. Plus, it is easy-to-use!

Matte cars are very unique, not being as common as regularly painted cars. Although not as many people have matte cars, it does not mean those people don’t want to keep those matte cars perfectly detailed. Even matte surfaces need to be cleaned and protected!

BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is specifically designed for flat matte finishes. These finishes can include surfaces, wheels and even decals. You can’t always easily clean a matte car with just any product, thanks to its exclusive texture, but with BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray, you can quickly remove contaminants all in the form of a spray bottle.

Just because a matte surface is a special texture, it doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray will easily remove dirt, dust and debris particles from the surface, all without damaging the finish. Once the contaminants have been removed from the surface, BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray will leave behind a layer of protection. This protection will keep the flat, satin, sheen integrity of the matte finish without negatively affecting surface in any way.

Cleaning and protecting a matte surface is as easy as can be with the BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray. All you have to do to use this detailing product is spray on the surface you wish to detail and the buff the surface with a clean microfiber towel. Save time, energy and money from having multiple matte cleaning products, and just use BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray.


  1. Spray BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray directly onto the surface to be detailed.
  2. Using a clean microfiber buffing towel, gently buff the surface.
  3. Flip the towel and buff away any excess product away.
  4. Continue around the entire vehicle.

*Can be used on any matte finish

2015 Dodge Hellcat

Here's my test car. This belongs to my buddy Frank. Frank purchased this car new and has been taking meticulous care of it.


If you have not watched my video or read my article on how and why to inspect your microfiber towels - then do it. Here's the link,

How, why & when to inspect your microfiber towels when detailing cars

Here's why it's SUPER IMPORTANT when working on matte paint.

Because you cannot remove scratches out of matte paint.

If you try, you're going to make a shiny spot and this shiny spot is going to stick out like a SORE THUMB against the matte appearance of the surrounding paint. Microfiber towels are what most of us use to wipe down our cars and it's very easy for your microfiber towels to become contaminated if you're not incredibly meticulous about taking care of your towels. Even if you are OCD when it comes to using, washing, drying and then storing your towels and you NEVER let them drop onto the floor, they can still become contaminated.

So before wiping any paint down, or matte wraps or graphics and Especially any MATTE PAINT - just take a few moments to carefully inspect your microfiber towels both visually and tactically like you see me doing in the picture below.

After you have inspected your towels and they have passed your inspection, using BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is easy.

Step 1: Spray the Matte Detail Spray onto a section of a panel.

Step 2: Spread the product over the panel.

Step 3: Flip the towel over to a dry side and give that section a final wipe.

You can also use two microfiber towels if you like. Spread the Matte Detail Spray with one towel and use a second towel for the final wipe.

Then repeat this simple spray-n-wipe procedure to the rest of the matte surfaces on your car.

Matte Finish Wheels

You can also use BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray to clean matte finished wheels BUT - ANY TOWEL used to wipe a wheel should ALWAYS be kept separate from your other microfiber towels because it's possible for BRAKE DUST, which are sharp particles, to become lodged in your towels. Also NEVER wash a microfiber towel that has been used on wheels with your other towels or you will contaminate all your other towels. (think about these things)

Light cleaning while leaving a layer of protection behind

BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray will keep your matte surfaces clean and looking sharp while also leaving behind some protection at the same time. This layer of protection will help keep the matte surfaces cleaner longer in-between normal washing without altering or affecting the appearance of the matte surface.

This Hellcat is ready to raise some hell!


The one thing too many people have had to learn the hard way is you cannot use conventional products on flat, matte surfaces. All to often conventional products, originally formulated to work on shiny paint will stain matte surfaces, sometimes permanently. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray is specifically formulated to clean and protect all matte surfaces without altering their appearances in a negative way and at the same time preserving the crisp, natural sheen.

Application of this product is just as easy as your favorite spray detailer for paint. If fact you can also use it on paint at the same time you're cleaning matte surfaces, so overspray is never an issue. BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray offers excellent lubrication to clean away light dirt, dust and air-borne contaminants while protecting the finish. Matte Detail Spay leaves the surface feeling slick and has a nice pleasant scent to make using this product even better.

Don't make the mistake of using the wrong product on your vehicles matte surfaces. If you own anything with matte surfaces - you need this product as well as a nice collection of microfiber towels.

Bird Droppings

It''s also a great idea to keep this product and some clean microfiber towels in your car just in case you get a bird bomb on any matte finish. The acids and sharp particles found inside bird droppings can etch and scratch the surface within minutes if not safely removed. So keep this product and some clean microfiber towels in your car at all times so in case of a Bird Dropping Emergency - you're prepared! Remember - if a bird dropping or any corrosive substance lands on a matte paint surface - you cannot use a compound or polish to fix the damage - your best best it to remove it as soon as it's discovered.


BLACKFIRE Matte Detail Spray - 32 ounces

Cobra Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth