I'm not getting lasting suds with Black Label Diamond Shampoo. I'm using 6 pumps per 5 gallons of water. Water is de-ionized, should I not be using de-ionized water?

I can make suds by spraying the water into the bucket as the directions state. When I pull the wash mit out of the wash bucket and apply to the car I'm not seeing soap and look like I'm applying a wash mit with water and no soap. Only soap is a little at the top of the bucket. Half way through washing the car, suds in the bucket are gone and looks like water with some minor air bubbles. Although I notice my hands are squeaky clean with no oils on my fingers.

Is this how the soap is supposed to perform? I'm used to seeing suds on the car. All I'm seeing is what looks like water.

I'm finding this a little difficult to describe.