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    Mike Phillips

    Pictures: February 2020 - 100% Hands-On Detailing Classes

    Pictures: February 2020 - 100% Hands-On Detailing Classes

    Here is the order for each set of polishers you'll be learning Paint Correction with and the Ceramic Coatings that will be used.

    The first day you will detail 6 cars using these tools in this order

    Morning Session

    1. Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital Polisher
    2. Porter Cable 7424XP
    3. Meguiar's MT300
    4. Griot's NEW G9 Random Orbital Polisher
    5. Griot's NEW G8 Random Orbital Polisher
    6. BLACKFIRE Waterless Wash
    7. BLACKFIRE Clay and Clay Lube
    8. BLACKFIRE compounds, polishes
    9. BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating
    10. Buff & Shine Euro Tech Foam Pads

    Afternoon Session

    1. RUPES Millie 5mm Gear-Driven Orbital Polisher
    2. RUPES BigFoot 21 Long Stroke Random Orbital Polisher
    3. RUPES BigFoot 15 Long Stroke Random Orbital Polisher
    4. RUPES Duetto 12mm Long Stroke Random Orbital Polisher
    5. RUPES Mini 12mm Long Stroke Random Orbital Polisher
    6. RUPES LHR75 15mm Long Stroke Random Orbital Polisher (pneumatic)
    7. RUPES Nano Long Neck
    8. RUPES Nano Short Neck
    9. The COMPLETE Line of RUPES compounds and polishes
    10. The COMPLETE line of RUPES buffing pads
    11. IGL Ceramic Coatings

    Late Afternoon Session

    1. Griot's BOSS 21mm Long Stroke Random Orbital Polishers
    2. Griot's BOSS 15mm Long Stroke Random Orbital Polishers
    3. The COMPLETE line of BOSS compounds and polishes
    4. The COMPLETE line of BOSS buffing pads
    5. Griot's 3-1 Ceramic Wax

    The second day you will detail 6 cars using these tools in this order,

    Morning Session

    1. FLEX XC 3401 VRG aka The BEAST
    2. FLEX XCE 8 125 aka The CBEAST
    3. FLEX XCE 10-8 125 aka The Supa Beast
    4. FLEX XFE 7-15 150 aka The FINISHER
    5. FLEX XFE 15 150 aka The Cordless FINISHER
    6. FLEX PXE 80 aka The PiXiE
    7. Lake Country Buffing Pads
    8. SONAX Compounds & Polishes
    9. Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Paint Coating

    Afternoon Session

    1. FLEX PE14 Rotary Polisher
    2. FLEX PE14 Cordless Rotary Polisher
    3. RUPES BigFoot LHR 19D Rotary Polisher
    4. DeWALT DWP849X
    5. SONAX Perfect Finish
    6. Orbital polishers - your choice - Any brand you want to revisit
    7. SONAX EX 04-06
    8. Combination of Buff and Shine and Lake Country buffing pads
    9. 3D Ceramic Coatings

    Late Afternoon Session

    1. Your choice any brand or type of gear-driven or free spinning orbital polisher
    2. BLACKFIRE One Step
    3. Combination of Lake Country and Buff & Shine buffing pads

    The third day you will learn hand wetsanding and machine wetsanding in the morning session.

    1. Nikken Electronics Grade Finishing Papers
    2. 3M Trizact Sanding Discs
    3. Short Stroke Orbital Polishers
    4. Rotary Buffers
    5. Long Stroke Random Orbital Polishers
    6. Short Stroke Gear-driven Orbital Polishers

    In the afternoon session you will learn how to use these Steam Cleaners and Hot Water Extractors

    And wherever any of the below techniques fit the car, I will show,

    1. Glass polishing - Topical to remove surface stains
    2. Glass polishing - Sub-surface to remove wiper marks and scratches
    3. Kosmetic Engine Detailing
    4. Metal, chrome, aluminum polishing by machine
    5. Plastic trim restoration and Trim Coatings
    6. Machine scrubbing tires
    7. Machine dressing tires
    8. Tire coatings
    9. Leather, Vinyl, Cloth & Upholstery Cleaning and Protecting

    And EVERYTHING will be performed inside our air-conditioned Training Garage!

    There simply are no other classes where you get this much hands-on time AND you work on really cool cars.

    We teach this 3-day class three times a year.

    1. February
    2. May
    3. September

    Call Andre to get signed-up


    You want extension 1244

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    Mike Phillips

    Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training


    There are simply NO OTHER CLASSES like this on Planet Earth! Go ahead and scour the Internet for any other class that actually shows you the cars you get to TRAIN on before the class starts.

    Next classes are in May and September - INFO HERE

    Here's what the Autogeek Show Car Garage looked like Thursday night, the night before the class started....

    Packed like sardines in a sardine can!

    I’m still missing 3 cars!!!!!

    Congratulations to every that signed up for this class - you’re going to have a blast!!!!

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training


    Here's the graduationg class of February 2020!

    Congratulations to everyone - you all survived THE toughest detailing class on Planet Earth!

    And now you are confirmed Alumni Students of Mike Phillips Detailing Super Starts!

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training


    Because we work on so many cars, in order to stay on track as to which cars will be used to teach the different tools, I go OLD SCHOOL and bring out a Dry Erase Board and using pictures I create a flow chart showing which cars in the order we'll detail them and the tools to be used.

    In this first picture - COUNT how many cars the class will detail in the first 2 days of the 3 day class.

    AND - LOOK at the caliber of cars the class will train on!

    There's simply NO OTHER DETAILING CLASS where you get to work on this many cool cars. NONE.

    And for my wetsanding class - I bring in real cars for the class to learn on - not demo hoods.

    Anyone can sand a little section on a flat hood. Where the rubber meets the road is when you have to do the REAL THING.

    Early Friday Morning

    Swirled-out paint and overspray paint. All the cars I bring to my classes need to be detailed. I know that under florescent lights the paint can look good. But I don't bring cars in that already look good. That would be stupid. I've been doing this too long to do stupid stuff. Besides that, I guarantee the BEST training and learning experience on Planet Earth.


    I document my classes better than anyone in the industry. Just try to find any other class with as many pictures showing the cars and ALSO showing the PEOPLE working on cars, not sitting in chairs for hours and hours.

    Before condition - totally swirled out...

    Hands-on at the very start of the class

    I take great pride in starting my classes ON TIME. Note the class is standing in the background chomping at the bit to get started. No chairs. All hands-on training!

    How and why to inspect your microfiber towels

    Before using any microfiber product on a car's finish I go over how and why to inpsect your towel. It takes hours to buff out a car and only seconds to put scratches back into the paint.

    Waterless wash using SONAX Glass Cleaner

    Removing overspray paint using Detailing Clay

    After the class cleaned the cars using the waterless wash technique, next we go over the correct way to inspect for contaminants and then remove them using detailing clay.

    Short Stroke Polishers - Building a foundation

    After the first two cars were cleaned using a waterless wash and then clayed to remove above surface contamination, next I go over short stroke random orbital polishers. This is the first category of tool we cover and after this we move onto long stroke. We build a FOUNDATION with simple, entry level 8mm and 9mm polishers. My guest at this class is Markus Parsley, the Vice President of Business Development for IGL Coatings.

    Griot's G9 and G8 polishers - Provided by Griot's Garage

    For this class, Richard Griot and his company sent us 10 of the brand new G9 polishers and 10 of the brand new G8 polishers PLUS their brand new Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax.

    How to properly do a Test Spot

    As the guy that coined the term Test Spot for the detailing industry, I feel comfortable and qualified to teach the proper way to do one.

    It's GO TIME!

    After teaching the proper way to do a Test Spot and dialing in the process to be used on both cars, it's time for the class to get to work.

    The largest variety of tools and hands-on time with them

    You get MORE hands-on time with MORE brands and types of tools than any other class on the market. This way you know which tools you like.... and which tools you don't like.

    One-on-One Interaction

    Once we go over the techniques for paint correction using short stroke polishers I turn the class loose on the two cars and then work my way around the cars to work with each person one-on-one.

    Chrome and metal polishing

    Every topic you can think of is taught in my 3-day and 2 day classes

    Topical Glass Polishing

    I teach two types of glass polishing in my class.

    Machine Waxing

    After all the compounding and polishing next up we go over the MULTIPLE ways to seal the paint. As a part of building an all-encompassing foundation we cover waxes, sealants and ceramic paint coatings and we cover these topics in an order that makes sense. When you take one of these classes you'll understand the order and moving forward you'll always know when to use what when detailing any car.

    First two cars are DONE!

    And here's the class that made the magic happen!

    Two more brands of tools to use today and 4 more cars to detail.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training


    RUPES Detailing Academy

    For the next two cars in our Friday class we go over the RUPES paint polishing system including the RUPES tools, pads and products. As a professional courtesy to the students and to RUPES - I teach the RUPES system AS a SYSTEM.


    The class detailed a 2016 Ford GT40 and a 1965 Corvette Stingray

    Not bad for their first two cars first thing in the morning.

    They have MORE TOOLS to learn and 4 mores cars to train on.

    Next - Griot's BOSS System

    The next two cars, which are cars 5 and 6 for the first day are a 1968 Camaro RS and a 1965 Mustang. For this class session we go over the Griot's BOSS system including the BOSS tool, pads and products.


    What a cool training experience - working on two iconic muscle cars from the our American car culture...

    The first day the class started ON TIME at 7:30am as advertised and I remember we finished at 6:30pm. That's 11 hours of solid, hands-on training.

    If you're the kind of person that learns best by doing versus sitting in a chair looking at the wall then you need to sign-up for one of these classes. If you learn best by sitting in a chair and going through a Power Point Presentation - by all means, please take someone else's class.


    Again - we start at 7:30am ON TIME. In order for me to get all the tools we cover and go over all the topics I teach - the ONLY way to get this done is by starting on time and hustling all the day long.

    FLEX Tools

    First thing Saturday morning we start with FLEX power tools. By the time Saturday gets here we've gone over short stroke orbital polishers like the Griot's G9. Next we go over the RUPES system and then the Griot's BOSS system. By using these 3 groups of tools on full size cars EVERYONE gets plenty of hands-on time behind the tools.

    Rinseless Wash and Mechanical Decontamination

    We cover every topic you can think of. After going over how to do a rinseless wash I turn the class loos and it's just after 8:00am

    Rinseless Wash

    Mechanical Decontamination

    Tire Coatings - not tire dressings

    On the other half of the bay the Bentley Flying Spur is getting worked on....


    And the class shot....

    Nice work everyone!

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training


    Mid-morning Saturday

    By the time Saturday comes around, because the class has the experience of working together as a team on Friday - a unique thing takes place. Everyone starts to GEL. By this I mean, everyone become very intuitive as to what to do and what to do next and now we we're able to move much faster as we continue to work through the different tools and techniques.

    Production Detailing

    Up to this point - everything has been what I teach as Show Car Detailing. Think about it. All 8 of the cars the class has detailed so far have undergone MULTIPLE STEP paint correction and then were ceramic coated using different brands of ceramic coatings. Now the class is going to learn production detailing - that is how to use an AIO to reduce step and knock a car out really fast while keeping their quality really high. During this session I cover a LOT of different topics besides using an AIO on the paint.

    For the Production Detailing Class we have a severely neglected Chevy HHR and also a really cool and LARGE 1965 Cadillac.

    Headlight Correction

    As you can see, this HHR is in dire need of headlight correction.

    Griot's Garage G8

    AT the time of this class the Griot's Garage G8 was just beginning to ship. It was introduced at SEMA in 2019 and this class was in February of 2020. I'm proud to say Richard Griot and his team think so much of the hands-on aspect of our classes that they sent Autogeek TEN brand new G8's for the class to use and TEN brand new G9's.

    Here's Christabella machine sanding a headlight with the new Griot's G8

    Go time!

    After the headlight correction class it was time to learn how to correctly do Production Detailing using an AIO. I call this session

    Free for All

    And the reason why is by the time we get to this aspect of car detailing the class has had a chance to use all the major tools in this class from Griot's, RUPES and FLEX. NOW they can use any tool they want to re-visit or even use ALL the tools. It's all up to them.

    Wired for power!

    Our shop is wired to run 20 rotary polishers at one time. When you have everyone in the class running a polisher it sounds like a HORNET'S NEST!


    Some people think I bring in classics, muscle cars and streetrods because that's the type of cars I like. While that is true, what's actually ACCURATE is I bring these types of cars because they tend to be HUGE and this means EVERYONE has plenty of space and body panel real-estate to buff. It's important to me that everyone has a great experience and that means lots of time behind the tools. That said - if you LOOK at the pictures, I also have NEW and modern cars here, like the Ford GT40 and the Bentley Flying Spur. So you're guaranteed a great mix of cars to work on and train on and this makes for a great experience. Especially when you consider in most detailing classes all you get to work on is a hood or a fender on a stand.

    And before lunch gets here.... these two cars are DONE!

    Dedicated Rotary Polisher Class

    Everyone learns how to use a rotary polisher in my classes. And for this class session we have a 1955 Chevy Panel Delivery Streetrod and a classic 1982 Corvette.


    It's Saturday afternoon and by this time the class has detailed 12 freaking cars! They have worked hard, really hard but I guarantee you - they've learned a LOT. And when they go back to their world they're going to know when to do Show Car Detailing and how to do it and when to do Production Detailing and how to do it. They will also have a great foundational knowledge of how to use a rotary buffer based upon REAL-WORLD - hands-on experience. And learning the way of the rotary buffer on some pretty cool cars.

    Check out the results for cars number #11 and number #12 and we have one more day of training and more cars!


    I've been teaching these classes long enough to know these folks are tired. Some of them have been on thier feet, running tools longer than they ever have before in their life. I know their tired. But I also know they are getting their money's worth in learning new skills and attaining new knowledge. They will have plenty of time to rest and recuperate after they leave Autogeek at the end of the class on Sunday.

    Saturday Night Meet-n-Greet

    For those that are able we have a casual meet-n-greet in the lounge at the nearby Marriott Courtyard. They actually have some pretty good food plus cold beverages. This works out great as the majority of our out-of-town students stay at this Marriott thus after the class and a shower to freshen up they don't have to drive anywhere. The meet-n-greet goes from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and both Andre and I use this time to get to know everyone outside of the work environment. For me - this is a lot of fun and new friendships are forged here that last a lifetime.

    If you attend one of our classes in the future I highly recommend participating in the meet-n-greet on Saturday night.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training

    And more....


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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training

    And more....

    Steam machine and Hot Water Extractor pictures go here

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training


    Click here to sign-up Or call Andre to sign-up over the phone

    1-800-869-3011 x1244

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - Autogeek - February 2020 - 100% Hands On Training


    What do others say about our detailing classes?

    See you here!

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