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    Mike Phillips

    Pictures: 2020 Boat Detailing Class - SOLD OUT!

    Pictures: 2020 Boat Detailing Class - SOLD OUT!

    That said, I'm happy to say the 2020 Boat Detailing Class is

    Here's a panoramic picture of the class at lunch time.

    Note: This was for the most part, the only time the class had time to sit. These are 100% hands-on training classes.

    And here's the graduating class for 2020
























    And here's my wrecking crew for 2020!

    Detailing 2 large center console boats in 2 days is a TON of work. Especially when they were in as bad as condition as these boats. Everyone did a great job and the results show it.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Training Boats for the February 2020 Class


    Photo Documented Classes

    BEFORE CONDITION - 23' Pro Line Walk Around

    Here’s she is outside when she arrived...

    The PROLINE emblems are missing on this side - we still need to remove the foam and adhesive backing and then machine sand to remove the GHOSTING that will be in the gel-coat.

    We will be removing the boat registration numbers and boat tag off both sides. The owner will replace.

    With the garage door open and natural sunlight shining into the garage, the below picture accurately shows the level of oxidation.

    This is how you want to frame-up a great BEFORE SHOT

    We'll need to use a heat gun to remove the PRO-LINE emblem on this side and then remove the GHOSTING left in the gel-coat from time and exposure.

    To accurately show the oxidation level on the Port side of the boat, I'm using both SCANGRIP lights and the Griot's Swirl Finder Light in the pictures below.

    This is the SCANGRIP light.

    This is the Griot's Swirl Finder Light.

    As you can see, this boat is severe oxidation. This will make a great training boat to teach gel-coat correction and gel-coat ceramic coatings.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: SOLD OUT !!!! Training Boats for the February 2020 Class


    Photo Documented Classes

    BEFORE CONDITION - 21' Sea Hunt Center Console

    Here you can see the sides of the hull have severe oxidation and scarring with the boat parked outside at the owner's house in natural light.

    After the boat arrived to Autogeek we moved it inside and took these pictures.

    First - without a light source, to casual observer, the gel-coat doesn't look to bad.

    Then I shined a SCANGRIP Multimatch light onto the hull and it's BAD!

    These are not SWIRL - they are straight line sanding scratches from #220 and #320 grit sandpaper!

    Here I've turned the light to the higher setting and angled it a little....

    See them? see the straight line sanding scratches? They are everyone on the side of the hull except around the boat registration lettering where the owner buffed this area before applying the stickers.

    And where he buffed there are still straight line sanding scratches and holograms from a wool pad used on a rotary buffer with some brand of compound.

    Never had a boat this bad

    This will the the 8th year I've taught hands-on boat detailing classes here at Autogeek and documented them. In all these years I've never had a boat with such deep sanding scratches in the hull. I told the owner I didn't know if we could get them all 100% out but we would try. We carry #500 grit Mirka Abralon sanding discs here at Autogeek but man.... that's more aggressive than I want to let a CLASS learn how to use on someone else's boat.

    When it comes time to do the Test Spot - we'll start with #1000 grit and work our way out to #4000 grit and see if that does the trick.

    Nothing like a challenge.

    Short video on my Facebook page showing the before condition and the classroom while it's still clean and orderly.

    Mike Phillips - The only boat correction and ceramic...

    Before you sign-up for any boat detailing class

    Ask yourself,

    Where are the pictures showing you the boats, the tools and what you get to do? Real boats. BIG Boats. Boats in HORRIBLE CONDITION

    (You can't learn how to detail a boat if there's nothing wrong with the boat - think about it)

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: SOLD OUT !!!! Training Boats for the February 2020 Class


    When I'm teaching classes, I tend to get up pretty early. Have to get fresh donuts and bagels on the way to work, get the lights turned on, air-conditioning going and then do any last-minute set-up. But first things first and that means taking out the Boss before leaving the house.

    His name is Mojito

    Classroom ready to go!

    Here's some pictures showing what a real boat detailing classroom would look like if the class were to actually intend for you to be on your feet working on boats.

    I normally don't use or even need chairs in my classes, but in the morning we will go over SAFETY. Things like nitrile gloves, eye protection, dust masks. And at lunch time everyone will be tired from so much hands-on they'll want to sit down to eat their lunch. Otherwise heck with the chairs....

    EVERYONE gets their own tools - we have LOTS of tools!

    In my boat class you gets LOTS of training on how to use a rotary polisher.

    Work smarter, not harder - Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs

    Sanding Lube

    The new RUPES Wool Cutting Pads - Nice pads!

    RUPES Coarse Blue Foam Cutting Pads --> for POLISHING no CUTTING

    Marine 31 Products

    Made by boat people for boat people

    (my wife Stacy came up with that slogan)

    Doing a Boat Detailing Test Spot

    Next is the Test Spot. Normally I do the Test Spot before everyone arrives. I make sure the boats can be fixed, i.e. the gel-coat can be restored to my expectation level. But this time I didn't do it. I have confidence in the Mirka Abralon sanding discs, the tools, the Marine 31 Captain's Compound, my choice of wool and foam buffing pads, etc.

    So I did the Test Spot LIVE in front of the class. This is as my old friend Mike Pennington use to say to me,

    Your chance to be the hero or the zero!

    I bring in BIG boats with lots of room for everyone to get plenty of hands-on time, training and experience with all the different tool, pads and products.


    Class started at 7:30am sharp and the time stamp on the below picture is 8:51am. When I say no-sitting, I mean no sitting. Before 9:00am we've already performed the first Test Spot from start to finish. And along the way I teach the correct technique for each of the steps used in the Test Spot.

    Here are the steps.

    1. Machine sand #1000
    2. Machine sand #2000
    3. Machine sand #3000
    4. Machine sand #4000
    5. Compound out sanding marks using rotary buffer, wool pad and compound
    6. Remove holograms using orbital polisher with foam pad and same compound
    7. Chemically strip the surface.
    8. Install the gel-coat ceramic coating.
    9. Give the area a final buff to smooth out the coating and remove any high spots

    Here are the results for the 23' Pro Line

    Here's the 21 Sea Hunt

    Here's the results for the Test Spot on on the Sea Hunt

    In-freaking-credible results!

    Now it's time to turn the class loose and then walk around both boats and monitor each person while watching their technique and if and when needed, pausing them to correct their technique or make suggestions to help them either work smarter or easier.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: SOLD OUT !!!! Training Boats for the February 2020 Class

    This is what a hands-on boat detailing training class

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: SOLD OUT !!!! Training Boats for the February 2020 Class

    Results from today for 23” Pro Line

    Before and After

    Before and After

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: SOLD OUT !!!! Training Boats for the February 2020 Class


    Here’s a before and after for the interior

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: 2020 Boat Detailing Class - SOLD OUT!


    Just an update.

    I've sent everyone that has attended this class the link to this thread. This IS the pictures and comments thread for your class. If you're not a member of this forum, you cannot post to this thread until you join the forum. Joining is just filling out a few lines of info like any other online form. Here's the link to join the forum.

    Click here to join the discussion forum

    Approval can take a few hours as I'm the guy that approves all new accounts and when you join - I might not be sitting behind a computer. So have patience, I check for new accounts a few times each day and in the evening.

    Need help?
    If you need help creating your account, for any reason, simply call me on my cell phone this coming Thursday or Friday during work hours and I'll create your account while we're on the phone. Otherwise call me next Monday through Thursday. I'll be teaching the 3-day class starting on Friday.

    THIS IS the thread to post your feedback or review about the class you just took.

    Thank you!

    First thank you to everyone that attended the 2020 Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class. The boats were in absolutely HORRIBLE condition and now they look brand spanking new!

    Everyone worked hard, learned a lot and the results show it.

    As I type this it's Tuesday, February 11th, just after lunch. Management gives me the day off after any of my classes so I was off yesterday. I'm happy to say as of today, I have my voice back.


    All I'm getting done today is clean-up. As you all witnessed, the garage is a disaster! With the help of some co-workers, we're getting everything cleaned up and prepping the garage for the upcoming 3-day Car Detailing Boot Camp Class. If you click the link below, you'll see what a Mike Phillips Car Detailing Class looks like.

    Training Cars for the February 2020 3-day Car Detailing Bootcamp Class

    Anyway, tomorrow is Wednesday, February 12 and I took the day off as it's my birthday and my wife Stacy has something special planned for me. This means I won't be back into the office and ready to do "office work" until Thursday and Friday. As soon as I get back I'll start adding some of the picture Meghan took on Saturday to showcase all your hard work.

    So join the forum, post your review or feedback about what you thought of the class and stay tuned as I'm going to add more pictures to this thread.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Pictures: 2020 Boat Detailing Class - SOLD OUT!

    Here’s just one aspect of clean-up

    Washing the gel-coat out 24 RUPES Wool Cutting Pads.

    I then blew them off using the Tornador Air Blowout Gon and laid them out to air dry.

    Back to cleaning up the Training Academy.

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    Re: SOLD OUT !!!! Training Boats for the February 2020 Class

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Phillips View Post

    His name is Mojito

    How is Mojito Mike?

    This class blows my mind. If I worked on a lot more boats than I do, I would make this class a “Must Do” that’s for sure. Actually, I would like to do it just to do it but I would have to justify the costs simply just to get there from NZ.

    If I hadn’t known better, I would’ve taken a look at the condition of that gel coat & said there was no chance of recovering that .... & yet here we are - looks incredible. Hats off to everyone who took this class, y’all did a superb job.

    Aaryn NZ.
    a DETAILS Blenheim New Zealand - IDA Member - C.Quartz Finest Authorized Installer

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