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    How to detail interiors faster for Wholesale?

    Hey guys

    I've been detailing for two of my Paintless Dent Repair contacts for a couple of months now, and I can get 3-4 wholesale cars per week from them as of right now. These cars are in all sorts of states, but never 'good'. The details include full exterior with engine bay and machine AIO, full interior with stain removal etc. The other shop that these PDR contacts send most of their cars to (they have volume deals with them) actually cleans them really well... I can charge the same flat rates of about 150-175 euros (which is like 190-230 dollars I guess?) excluding taxes. My problems aren't really on the outside, I can knock out the exterior from wash to polished/waxed in 3-4 hours, depending on the state. I'm sure I can take maybe an hour off of that still.

    The interiors give me tons of trouble, though. The other shop turns out surprisingly neat and tidy vehicles, and I can't charge the same prices whilst delivering less results. But to be stuck for 4+ hours doing an interior straight up sucks. I try to have all my products and towels in a tote in the car, to minimize movement in and out of the vehicle. I work from one seat, finish everything in reach and then move clockwise. I use compressed air and drill brushes, but it seems that every surface, nook and cranny has to be touched at least several times and it's killing my productivity. Vacuuming 3 times because stuff just keeps reappearing and dirt never gets out of those darn mats... How do some of you guys move through a car in <2 hours? I can't imagine it...

    I have tried different methods of moving through the car, but it seems like I can't get times down. These cars are dropped off at my workshop, so I don't have driving etc to think about. Sure it won't be the same hourly rate as I'm making on full paint corrections or my PDR work, but 2020 kicked my butt and if I can do 3-4 cars in 2 days time it would really help me financially right now.

    Any fast-fingered veterans that have a few tips for cutting my interior times down significantly? Or explain the SOP you use to be as efficient as you can be?

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    Re: How to detail interiors faster for Wholesale?

    I’m just a hobbyist but i think the way to go is get a cleaner/protectant in one such as Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer, which will do a light cleaning and leave some protection. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner such as Meguiars D101 for more difficult spots.

    Regarding the carpet, I think the Tornador Velocity Vac is one of the more efficient tools for cleaning carpets. Use that with a carpet scrub brush and that will get the loose stuff and then maybe use D101 with a terry cotton towel to remove stains in carpet. Key with carpet is to use very little cleaning solution and blot up with a towel.

    And then stop. You’re not trying for perfection, you’re trying to get a quick clean.

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    Re: How to detail interiors faster for Wholesale?

    Honestly practice. Do the car in quarters complete. If you don't own a steamer get one.

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