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    Amateur hour help needed

    Alright guys, long time lurker, first time poster.

    2014 blue wave pure bay. Payed to have it compounded/polished/ceramic coated (ceramic pro) and it came out awesome...for a week. About 7 days after the job was completed the boat looked horrible again. Brought it back, company re polished and coated the boat. A week later, same problem. Bring it back again, and this time they polish it but not coat it. I donít know if any of this makes a difference, but hereís where Iím at now.

    Ive started the process of compounding the boat myself, using my old faithful dewalt rotary (14years old now) 3m wool pads and presta compound (I like to shop local and nobody carries 31 marine)

    so far the results are awesome. Iíve done the gunwales all the way around and started on the casting decks. The issues Iím now having is on the non skid surfaces, the non skid consists of little tiny waves the essentially create grooves. Iím having a very hard time getting compound down into theseĒgroovesĒ, and an even harder time getting the dried compound back out. I am able to get the residue out with a microfiber and Meguiar detail spray, but itís taking forever having to do each little wave with my fingernail. And thereís thousands of them.

    Please throw some suggestions my way, Iím all ears. Iím well versed with a rotary and da, just havenít ever dealt with a non skid like this. Iím also worried that I may have gelcoat issues from the manufacturer since this boat wonít hold a shine for more than a week

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    Re: Amateur hour help needed

    You don’t normally machine Compound molded-in non-skid for the 2 reasons you stated.

    In my boat classes I teach machine Scrubbing. You can use an APC or Marine 31 Mildew Remover or even Comet.

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