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Thread: Interior LSP

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    Interior LSP

    So being a fan of Griot’s stuff I picked up some interior detailer at the local parts store (was handy and had to get fluids for the wife’s Acura anyway) however I was disappointed when I used it on her car.

    It seems to leave things clean but the final finish was not was I was going for.

    I prefer a satin finish on things in the interior where my 16 yo likes his car to be glossy.

    Any suggestion on what products we need to try next to achieve our desired results?

    Thanks for all the great info this place has to offer.

    Brian in Missouri

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    Re: Interior LSP

    I love this Ultima Interior Guard Plus 4 oz., interior protectant, rubber & vinyl protectant, rubber dressing, leaves a nice silky finish that's not glossy. As for a more glossy look for people with less taste (lol) I'll use CarPro Perl at 3:1

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    Re: Interior LSP

    I'm not typically a fan of interior dressings, don't really like the look. I've used Wolfgang Cockpit Sealant and Carpro PERL at 5•1 as well as a few others and neither do much for me in regards to the look.

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    Re: Interior LSP

    Since your a fan of Griot's, try their 3in1 Leather. Works great on vinyl dash and trim. Blends in with no streaks and leaves a light satin finish.

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    Re: Interior LSP

    I'm also not a fan of interior dressings... Not so much for the look, I do kinda like the look of satin dressings, just not anything with a high gloss.

    The main reason I don't like to use interior dressings is because of the outgassing from the dressing and the resultant film it leaves on the windows over time.

    For that reason the only thing I use on my own personal interior is Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer. It leaves absolutely nothing behind that I can detect and keeps the interior looking very clean and natural... And the added bonus is that the interior glass stays infinitely cleaner for a longer period of time. When the glass does need cleaning it's a zillion times easier to clean without streaks when you're not fighting the oily residues that all dressing's will eventually deposit on the glass.

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    Re: Interior LSP

    What's the difference between the GG Interior Cleaner and Interior Detailer products ? I see both, but not sure what uses each is specified for.

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