Just wondering if anyone has done a comparison between the new Flex XFE 3" mini polisher and the Griot's 3" polisher ?
I have the Griot's 3" polisher and for me it lacks the power needed to drive the thicker 3" pads. I also have the PE 8 Flex and that is a great machine , but it does take some time to get the hang of using. You have to really be on your game with a rotary and pay close attention to what you are doing or it's hologram city.

I was actually hoping this new Flex 3" polisher would be a direct drive dual action polisher which would make it the best of both worlds, kind of a "mini Flex 3401" but not as bulky for tight areas and user friendly. jmho
I have 3 different Flex machines and haven't been dissapointed yet..Looking for other thoughts before pulling the trigger on this new machine.