Hey guys, I think I screwed up pretty bad.

Last week I was washing my car and used an acid based wheel cleaner & water spot remover (it's called Pure Magic Cleaner), it's not HF Acid, it says it's much safer but it's still an acid based cleaner.

The issue is I was washing under the sun and decided to remove the water spots on the glass, it did work and removed the recent water spots, I was using at a 4:1 dilution ratio and tried to rinse very fast within seconds, however, this was still under the sun.

Next morning I noticed a pretty nasty effect on ALL windows and I can't seem to remove it with anything, tried more magic cleaner at the same dilution ratio but now in the shade, tried rubbing alcohol, tried clay bar as well but the "effect" is still there.

It may be worth noting if I use a disposable glass paper towel they kinda "stick" at certain sections (as if there was some glue residue from a previously removed sticker or something like that) but other areas the towel does slide as regular glass., Other than the blue paper towel feeling "sticky" at some zones, if I run my fingernail instead, I don't feel "roughness", it just all feels like regular glass so I'm hoping there is no super severe, irreversible etching.

Here are a couple of pictures of how the damage looks like:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Do you think I should try something like a dedicated cerium oxide glass polish? or that wouldn't help either? I'm not sure what to do now.