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    Mike Phillips

    Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart - Packing back into box

    Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart - Packing back into box

    The Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart

    The Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart - don't leave home without it!

    This is really just a pictorial how-to article for me. Seems like it's always a mystery to figure out EXACTLY how to put the Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart back into it's original box the correct way. When placed back into the box the way it comes from the factory it fits PERFECTLY inside it's original shipping box. If you don't get the trays in the exact order and the correct side placed upside down or upside right, then it won't fit.

    Meghan actually helped me to figure this out one day and to make it easy for the future, I took these pictures. I found the pictures today while working on a new product review so instead of putting this off I'm creating this thread so anytime I'm at an offsite location I can simply reference this thread to figure it out.

    I know it can seem stupid simple but the truth is - at the end of a roadshow class with 6-8 other people helping me to pack-up - we've all tried to get just right, and not a single person there, including me can figure it out. YES we feel stupid. And I know it can seem like child's play - but I'm telling you straight-up, I've watched educated, super smart people try to put the pieces of the car back into the box and get the lids of the box to fold down flat and they can't do it. And I haven't' been able to do it.

    So after Meghan figured it out one day while I was packing for a roadshow class I took these pictures.

    Looking at the box from this point of view, the first tray to go in is the TOP tray and it goes in upside down with the handle to the left. This is key.

    Next the MIDDLE tray goes in upside down and it's positioned to the right hand side of the box. It's not as wide as the top tray due to the top tray has the HANDLE. The legs can go in on this tray as well as the wheels. And also the rubber hammer I pack to pound it apart and together on location.

    Lastly - the BOTTOM tray goes in upside down and it's positioned to the far left side of the box. See how the bottom of the tray is flush and actually just a tick below the top of the box where the lids fold in?

    ANY other combo of how the trays are placed into the box and the last tray stick ABOVE the sides of the box and then you have to bend and warp the side flaps in order to close-up the box.

    Then I stand it on end on the edge of the pallet next to the totes. That's a MyTee Hot Water Extractor below it. These pallets weigh up to 1000 pounds when fully loaded for a roadshow car detailing class and everything has to be perfectly and compactly packed.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

    Thanks for your help that day out in the garage Meghan.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart - Packing back into box


    I can't recommend this cart enough...

    I use it whenever I wash a car. Be it a normal car wash or a rinseless wash. The cart holds your 5-gallon bucket at waist height.

    And here's the benefit...


    Plus it can be used to hold all your other car washing tools. Here's the deal, the thing you're going to do the MOST TO YOUR CAR is - your going to WASH IT. Without this cart you will always be bending over again and again and again - each time you wash your car. If you get the cart - no more bending over. Your wash towels and all your tools are elevated to waist high.

    Me? I love the cart. I use it every time I wash my car with a water hose, waterless wash or rinseless wash.

    Here's one example of being on the road with this cart. These pictures were taken at the Roadshow class in Auburn, Indiana.

    From page #5 of this article,

    Pictures: Autogeek’s Roadshow Class with PRAXIS Detailing in Auburn, Indiana

    First thing Sunday morning we washed a staff member's daily driver car so we could use it later for going over One Step Production Detailing. This car was very dirty and also incredibly neglected. It doesn't look like it's been clayed or waxed in 10 years.

    2008 Dodge Avenger

    Putting a product to the test

    A brand new car wash was recently introduced and in my original review, (also the first time I used the product), I mentioned that I was so impressed I would be switching over to this car wash for my own personal cars and I shared that in my second review. Check out my first and second reviews in the links I listed at the very bottom of this post.

    The idea being, is this SiO2 car wash will truly lay down a layer of coating each time you use it to wash your car. I knew the Avenger was in super bad condition so I decided to test the car wash out with the class and see if we could get the same results I've been getting on my own.

    This car has just be sprayed down with water. The SHINE you see on the hood is water. The water is NOT beading up but laying COMPLETLY FLAT.

    Here's your truly pointing at the new car wash...

    Pouring some into a bucket of clean water.

    Thoroughly mixing the car wash with the water using my mixing stick that I take with me wherever I go.

    Now I'm only going to wash one half of the hood....

    Here's Mike Liebing, our host rinsing the hood...

    You can easily see wherever the car wash touched the paint the paint is now beading water as though it has been coated.

    Driver's side = Phenomenal water beading in context

    There was ZERO water beading before we washed this side of the hood

    Passenger side - The only water beading is the places the Wolfgang SiO2 Car Wash touched.

    Get the car - don't get the cart - that's up to you. Me? I don't think I'll ever be without the car.

    And now - no matter where I'm at in the world teaching a class, when the class is over and it's time to pack up and head home, I can GOOGLE this thread and see exactly how to place the dissassembled cart back into the factory box.

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