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    Re: How many pads?: Discussion!!

    I started using only two pads and the results weren’t good so I took Mike advice and now I use 9-11 pads per Vehicle
    Time is money!!

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    Re: How many pads?: Discussion!!

    I recently tried apex detail way of 1 pad and after each pad blowing out with compressed air running machine on low speed it does work after each section clean pad with air. I spray onr liberally into pad try to then clean with a microfiber towel then blow out pad with air. I was able to do car this only really works with microfiber or wool.

    Did not work so good with foam because it just pushed the crud into pad

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    Re: How many pads?: Discussion!!

    We worked on a same car with another detailer just to see if there was any real benefits to this pad-jam-bo-ree of switching pads for each panel. We did the cutting part so that he used fresh pad on each section and blew and vac'd the pad after every time and I did the same on my side, but used only 1 pad. Both used same machines, same amount of passes, same amount of product on each pass etc. The end result was so similar that I couldn't justify the changing pads after every panel any longer. For wool and MF pads I use Tornador to blow them clean after each cut and I also vacuum them after blowing them. The way I have this process set up it only take 5 secs each time to vacuum. I always keep the temps as low as possible and still keep moving the machine slow. No heat build up and the chemicals I use don't require tons of priming and they don't get clogged up this way. This works for me.

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