I had some scuffs and scratches that were pretty bad on the bike. In some areas, I had chaffing from where the tank was rubbing on the seat. No way to avoid that. As well, I had a pretty bad boot scuff across the top of one of the bags.

This was a tough project for me because each part of the bike was in different shape. The fairing was in great shape, and it looked great with Total Swirl Remover and Finishing Glaze. What I quickly learned was that if there was some 'work' to be done, the Uber Compound with a hard cutting white pad made quick work of the issue as a spot corrector. I was impressed with how good it looked after the Uber, but then followed up with TSR and FG and with those, I was able to really do bring the paint to a level of shine that I think looked better than when it was new.

Here is a rear fender. You'll see the outline of the rear taillight and license plate assembly. There was no need to correct this because it got covered after i finished it, but the fender was easier to polish without the assembly on the fender. I played around a bit with the Uber just to see if I could correct the chaffing from the rubber gasket on the tail light assembly. Here are before and after pics. I regret not getting a pic of it wiped down and cleaned before correcting, but you can still get a good idea of the damage to the finish.

Wolfgang Uber Compound - A great shortcut and time saver-img_1769-jpgWolfgang Uber Compound - A great shortcut and time saver-img_1899-jpg

I used Griot's G8 and various 2" and 3" Boss pads.