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    Apply Fusion over Souveran?

    I applied Pinnacle Souveran about 4 months ago. Since that time I have used Wolfgang Fusion Spray wax as a booster a few times. Also used Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray a few times before cruise in events.

    My question is .....can I apply Wolfgang Fusion Wax in the next month or so or will I need to strip off what is on the paint and then apply it? I don' want too much wax build up but am not thrilled with starting over.

    The car is garaged and driven only occasionally.

    last question.....Will a carnauba wax "degrade" and loose it's shine/protection ability by just sitting in a garage in the darkness? Do those conditions extend the waxes ability to shine and protect?



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    Re: Apply Fusion over Souveran?

    Most would go for the more durable wax on the bottom, but given your situation I think it’s fine to add Fuzion on now. Your paint likely has some melting pot of Souveran + Fuzion Spray right now. Fuzion Spray is probably adding more in the protection/durability of the LSP. Adding Fuzion Paste on a combo of high quality carnauba + WG polymer mix sounds like no problem, even if it may not yield the best durability that Fuzion Paste could perform, durability doesn’t seem like an issue for a garaged show car.

    I would try it at least once, even if only to a test panel at first. You won’t get any significant wax buildup using these products in the quantity and frequency you are discussing.

    Carnauba and most any LSPs will last much longer in the dark garage. Sun, rain, contaminants and touching from having to wash all the time are the things that hurt the duration of the wax. Avoiding these will significantly increase the durability of carnauba.

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    Re: Apply Fusion over Souveran?

    Not everyone will agree with my
    below assessments...and I’m fine
    with that.]

    Fusion over Souveran?
    -This is one of those tough calls.
    -Here’s why I think that way.

    -Pinnacle Souveran is a Finishing Wax.
    -Wolfgang Fusion is a Finishing “Hybrid”-Sealant

    •Although it’s not set-in-stone, the Detailing
    World’s most accepted method of layering/topping
    LSPs is: Waxes over Sealants.

    •With that in mind:
    -For this particular scenario you’ve laid out,
    I’m going to suggest to remove whatever
    remnants there are of the Pinnacle Souveran
    before you apply the Wolfgang Fusion.
    -(A light polish will suffice in Souveran’s removal.)

    *Of course you can always experiment by
    layering the Fusion over the remaining
    bits of Souveran on one-half of a panel to
    see, first-hand, what you’ll wind up with.

    "Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk."
    ~Joaquin de Setanti

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