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    WG products, application order


    I used wg sealant last year on my new Charger, IndiGo Blue, and it was one of the best products I've used. I have been slowly acquiring and working with more wg products since.
    The car is my DD, although garaged, it's not spared from all 4 seasons.

    I clayed the car, and used wg polish enhancer with my Rupes Bigfoot and and orange pad. I was hoping to get some minor scratches and swirls out, but didn't want to cut too much.
    I'm about 75% happy with the outcome, but there's still swirls that didn't come out.

    I'm going use wg total swirl remover and work on the areas needed. A couple of questions...
    Can I do the swirl remover only in certain areas as needed, instead of the whole car/full panels? I assume clay the area needing work first.
    Can I go from the swirl remover to the wg sealant, or do I need another step/polish between?
    Which pad should I use for wg swirl remover? I read a polish pad, but I thought I'd be trying to cut a bit.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: WG products, application order

    Yes, you can use TSR only where needed. On some paints, especially harder ones, it will leave a perfect finish. Others might need refinement with WG Finishing Glaze.
    Try white pad first, if not enough cut then go for orange.
    Bruno Soares

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