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    Uber Ceramic Questions

    Hi All!

    Newbie to the forum but I've been OCD about my vehicles finish from day one (1976 Triple black Monte Carlo)!

    I just picked up a 2018 Centennial Edition Chevy Silverado 1500 and want to use the Uber ceramic coating.

    My biggest concern is getting the paint correction done correctly LOL.

    I've read that some iron removers aren't great on the non metal trim so which one is safest for the amateur detailer?

    I want to do every possible exterior surface with ceramic. So in which order should I go about this? (ex. wheels, body, non rubber trim, glass)

    Is there any benefit to applying two coats of ceramic? Is it even possible?

    Because of the amount of paint on the front, I'm considering 3M pro PPF pre cut kit. I should install this before the Ceramic correct? How long should I wait then to apply the Ceramic to the film? (just because)

    And finally-how much ceramic coating will I need? 30ml, 60ml or more?


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    Re: Uber Ceramic Questions

    I haven't had any issues with iron removers on trim. Just rinse it off after a short while and don't let it bake in the sun.

    I'd suggest coating from top to bottom. Are you taking the wheels off? You can do those at any time.

    Haven't used uber ceramic so I can't say how beneficial multiple coats is with that particular one.

    Yep, install ppf then coat. I haven't seen any issues with adhesion if the car is already coated though.

    Probably 60ml to be on the safe side if you're coating every surface and it's your first time.

    Also there's a lot of helpful info by Mike and others on here on paint correction.

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    Re: Uber Ceramic Questions

    Ive used Uber Ceramic on a few vehicles. It is super easy to apply. You can apply it to any surface. My wife’s car is at 2.5 years on the Uber Coating and it’s about time to reapply (including 2 winters).

    You would apply Uber Ceramic after you get the film applied. I applied 2 coats to everything.

    I use the McKee’s 37 Iron remover with no issues. Just don’t let it dry (same as any iron cleaners).

    I clean the coating 2x/year with Iron remover and CarPro Reset. Otherwise I just washed as usual.

    The paint has held up well except the bottom of the doors as of now at 2.5 years. The coating on the textured plastic trim started fail after about 1.5 years. Smooth plastic like headlights & tail lights still holding up well.

    I just washed it today with McKee’s 37 Coating prep wash which is stronger than CarPro Reset and applied McKee’s 37 Hydro Blue to carry us thru till next year. Given how easy Hydro Blue is to apply I might just use that on her car going forward instead of reapplying Uber Ceramic.

    You can use McKee’s 37 SIO2 wash on the coating. Worked really well.

    As much as I liked the Uber Ceramic i would also suggest also looking at the PBL all surface coating. I found it super easy to use and also looks awesome. You will get a larger bottle for the price, if I was doing a large vehicle it’s a great option. You could do several vehicles (2-layers on each) from 1 bottle.

    Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Coating, paint coating, nano glass paint coating

    Link below fir A PBL kit with separate paint, glass & wheel coatings. My daily driver has the PBL wheel & glass coating on it now and been very happy. The paint has CQUK 3.0 (harder to apply than Uber Ceramic or PBL coatings)

    Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Elite Kit

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