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    Re: Covercraft's DashPad

    Quote Originally Posted by LostInTransit View Post
    Right when I thought everything was said and done, I return home and finally removed the crappy text embroidery.. only to find out my wife has thrown a monkey wrench into the works. This doesn't change my feeling towards Covercraft's products. In fact I was searching amazon for another dash mat to use as a underlining to the current mat, and anything related to the Ford transit has been removed.

    Seems there's a few new cars & trucks getting ready to enter the market next year which she wants to go have a look at. This could mean 1 of 2 things, either we're keeping the van, or we'll be driving a differant vehicle sometime within the new year. So even though I've removed the embroidery and I was ready to start making alterations to the dash mat, I may have to discontinue this because I could be looking at a new car or truck..

    Our needs have changed because we drove nearly 4,500 miles within 2 weeks as part of our yearly vacation to anywhere USA. ideally the small van was our camping vehicle, but as I said things have changed. We'll have to see how this pans out when these new cars & trucks hit dealerships..
    Hope it works out the way you guys want it to

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    Re: Covercraft's DashPad

    Chilly appreciate the support during all phases of this. I know at you would have wanted to see the dash cover once completed. But there's still a slight chance we'll keep the van and if we do I'll make sure you get those images of the redesigned cover. I can't say I'll create a new business out of this. I was just redesigning our cover.

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