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    Re: BLACKFIRE One Step Proficiency Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by ducksfan View Post
    Do you have a suggestion for a good bottle (brand or top style) to transfer the product to ?
    I really like these 8oz bottle with the self cleaning tip.

    BLACKFIRE Squeeze Bottles, dispenser

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    Re: BLACKFIRE One Step Proficiency Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Phillips View Post
    Nice work Jim.

    I've made the title to this thread a blue clickable link for copy and paste purposes and also made it a sticky.

    Anyone new to BLACKFIRE One Step - follow these proficiency tips and you'll turn out better work faster. Especially the part about using more pads.

    I am ordering some Blackfire now. I finally broke out the Wolfgang Uber AIO that I purchased last year and was not impressed at all today with a couple different pads and pressure with my 3401. Particularly after letting it sit for 5 hours in 90+ degree heat and it still being hard to remove after drying to a haze. I'll be ordering more pads etc. as well to go with the Blackfire.
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    Re: BLACKFIRE One Step Proficiency Tips

    I really enjoyed and learned a bunch from this write up.

    I can really relate to the part about stretching out your sections. It does take focus not to do that. I polished out my first car with BF One Step and the first half of the car was all figuring it out. By the time I got to the last half daylight was almost gone and I really had to buckle down and focus.

    Here's a couple of pics of me doing a test spot with the 3D One on the hood of that car. I had to compound the hood, and then I polished out the rest of the car with BF One Step. As you can see my test spot got HUGE LOL.

    I definitely love how easy it wipes off as well, and I'm planning on purchasing the BLACKFIRE Black Ice as well.

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