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    Rust repair and touch up

    After 10 years of owning our Toyota Highlander, it developed a couple small rust spots on the end gate. To fix it I first sanded the rust out with 600 grit paper and cleaned with 90% alcohol and a wax & grease remover. I then feathered out the area around it with 800-3000 grit paper and applied the automotive touch up paint. I let the paint settle in to the area so that I could build up the clear coat for the next step and level it off.

    After the touch up paint had dried, I applied three coats of the clear touch up over the paint and area just outside the touch up spot.

    After I let the clear dry, I wet sanded with a block from 1000-3000 to level out the clear with the rest of the clear coat. I then finished off with Meguires 105 and 205 compound and polish and my Flex 3" random orbit polisher and Lake Country blue and orange hydro tech pads. The paint is a metallic gray, so touching it up with a small brush makes the pigment collect and get darker. The spots are noticeable if you are looking for them. There is another spot on the opposite side that I am going to try putting my painter/artistic skills to use and airbrush to see if it turns out any better.

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    Re: Rust repair and touch up

    Great solid advice, thank you for taking your time to help and help each other.

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    Re: Rust repair and touch up

    Thanks Mr. Mike for your awesome advice here about removing rusting and touch up

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    Re: Rust repair and touch up

    Looks good.

    I wish my 14 Explorer only had a couple rust spots.

    The tailgate on it is actually rusting from inside out. Multiple rust bubbles under the paint across the bottom.
    The only real way to correct it is to cut out the bad metal, weld in new and then paint. I'm nowhere near that ambitious.
    I might try to sand off as much rust as possible and try some rust converter to at least slow it down.
    Then hit it with some rattle can paint/2k clear. Might be able to blend it a bit below the bottom crease (about 3" up from bottom) so it's not obviously a different color.

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    Re: Rust repair and touch up

    Looks pretty good to me.

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