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    Cheap foam cannon bottle replacement!

    Hey guys. I'm new to detailing and wanted to show other newbs like myself, a great cost effective trick!

    For those who are on a budget and those who aren't. If you've bought a cheap foam cannon off Amazon, I'm sure your aware that the bottle isnt of great quality. I bought the Twinkle Star foam cannon and Stub nose gun. The bottle lasted me 4 washes, then the threads stripped and doomed useless. Terrible feeling when your right in the middle of a foam bath and the bottle drops to the ground.
    I was looking online for a replacement bottle and many said to use a Coke bottle. In my opinion, that looks pretty tacky.
    The goal was to look for a bottle with the same threads!

    To can find this bottle at the 99c Store. Super cost effective.

    LAs Totally Awesome Auto degreaser!
    It's great because you can dump the product out into another bottle and use it for your tires, wheel wells, and engine bay. Best bang for you buck, literally in my opinion. Plus the bottle is 32oz! The thread are tight and feel very secure. Also gives a nice handle it your using the snub nose gun.

    The only flaw I see, is if your one who like the tube to reach the bottom, get a longer tube.

    Sorry for the long post, but hope it helps out! Thanks

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    Re: Cheap foam cannon bottle replacement!

    Shampoo/Conditioner bottles also work. Try putting a beer can sleeve on it on case you drop it

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