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    Re: Gas pedal cleaning

    I tried using a soft bristle bush, it did improve it a bit but did not get is clean. I tend used my tire cleaner (Meguiars non-acid wheel cleaner) with the soft bristle brush, did not see much change.

    I watched a video today where the guy used Griot's Garage Rubber cleaner to clean a tire and the result was pretty impressive. I might have to try with a rubber cleaner and see if it solves the issue for me.

    Maybe it's salt that is stuck to the rubber... we do have tons of it in the winter here in Montreal... I have tried my salt removal spray on the pedals before and it did not much.

    I don't want to use a steamer, it's too much of a pain. I know I have used it years ago to do it and it was ok... I can't remember if it did a better job than an actual cleaner with a brush, but I would doubt it.

    The search continues

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    Re: Gas pedal cleaning

    Yea. Thought I was the only one that cleaned my pedals! LOL. Never really had a issue. I just hit them with some APC and use a brush or towel to get them clean.
    2018 Colorado ZR2

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    Re: Gas pedal cleaning

    Personally, I've used the Tornador detail tool + degreaser + scrub brush + microfiber to wipe and that has produced great results on thousands on customer vehicles. (Keep in mind NOT to apply any chemical to the pedals that could cause them to remain slippery after clean, that's a BIG safety issue.)

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    Re: Gas pedal cleaning

    A couple of methods have worked for me. I have used Megs D103 diluted 1:1 and LATA diluted 1:1. Both cleaners were effective but what made the difference for me was the brush. I used a tooth brush to get in all of the grooves and it worked well. Then I gave it a spray of just plain water for a rinse. It was time consuming and the wife thought I reached a new level of crazy but it worked quite well.

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