I mainly use 303 Aerospace Protectant on the interior of my vehicles. It provides good UV protection and leaves a matte finish. I've applied it many different ways. All of them required that the product be applied or immediately wiped off with a rag. I've not switched to the following method. I wear rubber gloves and spray the product right on the fingers of the glove. I then wipe the product onto the plastic or rubber. I let it sit for about an hour and then I come back and wipe up the excess product. Think about it... why wipe away 99% of the product by not letting more of it dry. You don't do this with wax on the paint. I've tried leaving it on over night but don't recommend this. It gets too "gummy"/sticky and is difficult to remove. Leaving it sit for an hour or so and then removing it does leave a little more of a shine but it is not a glossy look. I find this method especially effective on textured surfaces. My Dodge Charger does not lack in this area.

One Way To Apply Plastic/Runner Protector-20190519_131226-800x600-jpgOne Way To Apply Plastic/Runner Protector-20190519_131214-800x600-jpg