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    Re: 303 Aerospace Can Double the Life/Mileage of Your Tire's Tread?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldorado2k View Post
    I donít get why this is so hard for people to understand.^ Anyone whoís used Hyper Dressing on a consistent basis knows that it will penetrate the rubber to the point where itís nearly impossible to completely remove it because itís in the rubber.

    Everyone saying ď303 washes off at the 1st sight of rainĒ simply doesnít get it. It doesnít matter if it washes off easily. The fact that itís been given the chance to penetrate the rubber is what matters.

    I donít understand what youíre saying here.^
    Are you saying youíd dress the treads on a motorcycle and/or a bicycle? Why the heck would you do that?

    Btw for the people going nutts about the idea of applying a protectant/dressing to the tread of the tire... People dress the treads on show cars all the time. I donít see anyone condemning them.

    [note for Custmsporty. That doesnít mean that literally every show car has tires with dressed treads. I figured Iíd make that clear before you take it the wrong way and freak out about it]
    I was implying that if the dressing is going on the tread of a regular car, or van, then the dressing on the tread isn't a big deal because it's not nearly the same thing as applying dressing to a motorcycle's, or bicycle's tread. In other words, no--I would definitely not put dressing on a motorcycle, or anything on two wheels.
    And by the way, thank you for not immediately bashing the idea, and instead choosing to have some fun with it by having an optimistic attitude towards this whole idea of 303 and increasing tread life. Honestly, it doesn't seem that it would work, however, when someone who seems more trustworthy than not says it might work, then at least it's worth a try. Or, at least it's worth a try in my book. If it works, then great, but if not, then oh-well. 303 is inexpensive enough, and at the very least, why not dress the insides of the tires before they get mounted, as in my case (I ordered them through the mail)?
    BTW, the 303 has had a few days to sit, and the 303 that has settled at the bottom, in the center of the tire, is a mixture of a clear viscous liquid, and a burnt-yellow gel.
    "I've seen a good quality car wash look better than some guys complete detail jobs."
    Mike Phillips 10/21/09

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    Re: 303 Aerospace Can Double the Life/Mileage of Your Tire's Tread?

    So, has anybody tried it yet? I have been spraying it on every 3 months or so on my tires for about 6 months. There has been no noticeable difference in grip so, doesn’t seem to be any danger in trying it. It’s way too early to tell if it helps.

    My tires are rated at 60,000 miles and I am a easy goer cruiser. Not a drive like I stole it every day driver. Let’s say I get 80,000 or 90,000 miles from spraying around $30 worth of 303 on the tires over the years. Sounds good to me. It may or may not happen but, I won’t know until I try it.

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    Re: 303 Aerospace Can Double the Life/Mileage of Your Tire's Tread?

    Don't. Mess. With. Tires. It's the only thing touching the road and keeping you alive. Even if this were true, there would have to be a tradeoff and I'll bet that tradeoff affects safety. Save your money up to buy good tires.

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