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    Mike Phillips

    Resizing pictures using Easy Thumbnails

    Resizing pictures using Easy Thumbnails

    I was talking to Walter on the phone today about how I work with pictures in the forum world as over the years I've developed a lot of little tips and techniques that work for me and I post a LOT of pictures to the forum world.

    Below is a screen shot of two folders, one has the original pictures and the other has the same picture but resized to 800 pixels wide.

    I set up Easy Thumbnails to create the resized picture in a separate folder as this preserves the original full resolution picture file in case Yancy needs it for something.

    Look at the last picture in each folder and you'll see the picture file sizes.

    Also look at how I rename each picture. By doing it this way when I add ONE picture to a thread in order to add all the rest instead of going back and forth between the gallery and the thread I'm adding pictures to all I do is go to CODE VIEW in Internet Explorer, (Chrome doesn't offer this option but Firefox does), and then copy and paste the entire line of code including the opening and closing [IMG] tags over and over again and then simply go down the list of picture file codes and change the last number.

    Hang tight and I'll show you what that looks like.


    I show how to set up Easy Thumbnails in this article,

    How to resize your photos with Easy Thumbnails - Free software

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Resizing pictures using Easy Thumbnails

    Okay here's the code view of 11 pictures and if you look at the last number in each line of code right before the closing image tag --> this [/IMG]

    In the first picture you'll see I copied the second line of code 9 more times. I didn't want to copy the first line of code because it ended with 79 which means the next picture would end with 80.

    I want the code that ends with 80 because I'm going to copy and paste that code 9 more times and change the 0 to 1, 2, 3, 4, ,5 6, etc.

    First picture

    Second picture - Note how the last numbers change.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Resizing pictures using Easy Thumbnails

    And here's what the final code looks like,

    1971 Chevelle 454 - Training car for Detail Class

    Here's one of the cars the students in the September 2015 3-day detailing boot camp class will be working on.

    This will either be the RUPES car or the BOSS car. I also have a black Chevelle coming in for this class.

    1971 Chevelle 454

    Numbers matching car with factory air conditioning

    Some of you will figure this out and some of you won't but the information is accurate and it works. Proof? Look how many pictures I post to the forum world for the last 14 years.

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