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    CarPro Reload smell

    Hi Everyone!

    I just got a new, 500 ml bottle of CarPro Reload, and when I opened it, I noticed it had a very strong acetone-like smell. Is that normal for this product, or is there something wrong with it, because it should smell differently?

    I'm asking because my previous - albeit smaller bottle - of Reload had a very different smell. Actually, it was more like a scent, even though very strong and penetrant, too, but was more similar to peppermint or some artificial smell, and was because of that somehow more pleasant. So, that bottle either didn't have acetone smell, or that artificial scent fully covered up the former, if there was any.

    According to the label at the bottom of the new bottle, the manufacture date is this summer and it's good until the summer of 2019 - so, theoretically it's not expired or something.

    Any feedback appreciated.

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    Re: CarPro Reload smell

    Considering that it is often tough to differentiate things like this between different people...

    Though my bottle does have a chemical smell, I wouldn’t characterize it as very strong. I also wouldn’t call it pleasant though. I don’t really smell it at all unless I stick my nose to the bottle opening. My dates are 3/8/17-2/8/19.

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    Re: CarPro Reload smell

    Thanks for the info.

    Just for reference: both my old, non-"acetony" smelling 150ml bottle and the new, strongly smelling 500ml has the exact same dates at the bottom. It's 07/06/17-06/06/19, so they're supposedly from the same batch, even though I bought them about two months apart. That's why I'm so suspicious of the new bottle.

    Other than the smell, both the color and the consistency of both products seem to be the same. I didn't yet dare to apply the new, smelly one to a car though.

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    Re: CarPro Reload smell

    I have bought bottles months apart from my primary supplier and they were produced on the same date and "expire" on the same date.
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    Re: CarPro Reload smell

    I've been through a sample bottle of Reload and I'm making my way through a 500ml bottle of now. I think about 95% of the detailing products that I use smell absolutely awful and end up wearing a chemical odor mask more often than not, but I've never thought that Reload smelled bad. If one puts their nose right over the open container the scent is a little strong, but when atomized it smells neither good nor bad. There is no perceivable smell of acetone with the bottle that I have.

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    Re: CarPro Reload smell

    I'm a big Carpro Fan, and like and have been using Reload myself since I first bought their products, probably close to a good 4 years ago.

    And yes, have noted a good deal of variability with Reload, and went through and returned the oily holographic stuff which I ordered a liter of, and had to send back to Nick at AG on my dime.

    The last recipe has been better, have noted no anomalies, but how I wished, and begged that they'd return to the Reload of old, in the 400ml white bottle way back.

    I'm not a lover of any company who once makes a great product, then tinkers with it, and then comes with some "new and improved" version, in which 99.9999% of the time it never is, and is assed out.

    I surely didn't enjoy going through that one fumble with Carpro, I spend some good money to return defective product that one time.

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