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    Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG Full Exterior Correction (Part I)

    good day and good morning everyone, remember the next ride im gonna detail after the clinic? yes, its the Merc E-Class AMG. waited for a week and finally i get this opportunity to bring this car back to alive where its been suffering for months, a year perhaps? why suffering? will a car suffers? will the owner feel the same too? a car doesnt have feelings, she couldnt tell anyone shes suffering BUT she will SHOW it to the owner that her body is full of scars/swirls. when she show it to the owner, the owner eventually felt the same too. this prove that the owner is actually care about his car, he drives it everywhere, he cant get to a place without her, a weekly care should be carry out to maintain to its best condition. thats why i've been called up to rescue her, to bring her confidence back to where she is in the showroom waiting to assist a good driver/owner. this car been washed with ONR and wax with OCW for its reward after demo for the clinic last 2 weeks. date was set, i rush back after church service. prepared all the things i want then start inspect around her again and found..


    dust found everywhere after a long journey back from penang, the rims are also need to be detailed properly as well. i choose OPC dilute 1:5 for deeper washing and at the same time it can remove the layer of wax that i applied.

    water beads after applied OCW

    during the wash

    no more beading

    after OPC wash then move to the rims..

    please note this is not a magic, you need some effort to clean the wheels with assorted brushes and a OPC.

    sunroof cleaned

    after a good bath/cleaining

    looking good

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    Re: Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG Full Exterior Correction (Part I)

    wow, mirror finish yet? lets inspect with a proper lighting..

    uh oh..

    left fender

    rear bonnet

    wolverine's claw

    wolverine combo-ed it

    who is the wolverine? owner or chow chow?

    light RIDS

    rear bumper

    after looking all the scratches, RIDS, swirls and other defects would you feel the same as her?

    "no worries, i wont leave you till you're back to alive, time doesnt matter, the only matter is to bring you back where you are."

    i taped all the area prevent the compound dust go in for a very serious paint correction

    1st area, left passenger door. OHC + double sided wool 2 passes

    50/50 are you feeling better?



    left fender before

    left fender after corrected

    please note the haze is not swirls, is haze after compound

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    Re: Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG Full Exterior Correction (Part I)

    rear bonnet side

    after corrected

    wolverine'a claw before

    after corrected




    after corrected

    after all the correction are done then i give her ONR wash to remove compound residue

    and then polish with OHP + double sided polishing/finishing red foam pad to level up the gloss and clarity

    and last Opti-Sealed and OCW for maximum protection. one of my favorite combo, both product spray spread walk off

    before i proceed to the finishing picture i wanted to tell you guys that i didnt take much of the finishing pictures due to the rain, but do not worry, the end of the story will be continue. i have some here i took while its raining, enjoy it 1st

    still not the perfect but no worries, nice things will comes at the end. wait for Interior Detailing Part II next week and also i have another serious paint issue to share with everyone, let me show you some pictures.

    holograms aka buffing trials

    please stay tuned for my next detailing journey and thanks for your time reading my another restoration works.

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