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" I became annoyed when these products would start to fail and I had to do contact drying **as opposed to** my M340i which is coated with CQ UK 3.0 and I can quickly blow dry even 15 months later. I decided it was time to stop messing around and put a legit coating on this thing."

Maybe I 'miss-read' your post but those are your words not mine. I took the above that UK was not legit and this time you decided to stop messing around. That said vets like me are here to help not run Urinary Olympic Events but trust me, I read the posts and contribute in return. Good luck with the coatings.
I am sorry for the Urinary Olympic Event but you are still misreading and mischaracterizing my post which isn't helping you, me, or anyone else reading. Yes, I became annoyed when "these products" started to fail. "These products" are clearly listed: "Polish Angel Cosmic V2, Xtreme Solutions Poly Seal, and a couple other detail sprays". I then go on to make a favorable comparison of how CQ UK 3.0 (unquestionably a "legit coating") on my M340i is holding up after 15 months. So yes I naturally wanted to put a "legit coating" on "this thing" which is the X5 because it only had "these products" before. I simply wanted to try a different coating from CQ UK 3.0, which I've applied to 3 cars, this time so I chose CSL/EXO.

No I don't do this for a living so I don't have content to post every week but it's still a contribution to share my experience, products used, and the result which I'm proud of.