My sister-in-law's boyfriend asked me to detail his work truck. Day one was clean the interior and condition the thirsty leather seats. Day two was the exterior that my friend helped me with. Wash, clay the entire vehicle, apply paint, trim, and window sealant. We started out with yellow clay and a Sonax clay disc, but switched over to gray clay after a couple passes. The truck is driven over multiple states and highways etc. The contaminants were stuck on there good. Products used were CarPro Insect remover, McKees Coating Prep wash, AMMO Boost, AMMO Brute wheel soap, AMMO Mud Tire gel, Pinnacle wheel cleaner, Pinnacle gel tire cleaner, Pinnacle Vinyl and Leather cleaner, Pinnacle leather conditioner, Pinnacle Glass Coat, Blackfire trim sealant, Optimum metal polish and Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant with a bit of elbow grease and help from Flex and Rupes polishers and Lake Country pads. Then since everything was out we polished the headlights on my friend's Scooby and my son's Camry with McKees all in one restorer as he had never performed the task to learn.

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