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My minds in a bit of a fog right now because I haven’t eaten yet... But I hope you’re not part of the crowd that says a “Lincoln” actually created “Cadillac”.. I’m not sure whether that’s what you’re hinting at of the other way.. But if you’re saying a Lincoln is actually responsible for creating Cadillac I’ve got a solid reply to prove otherwise.
Naw, what I was implying was just that if Ford's second company hadn't been in such disarray that he got the boot by its investors, and Leland subsequently brought in to resurrect the company, then there might not have been a Cadillac. The investors wanted to cash out the company but Leland convinced them to build a car based on a Model A design, using an engine from Leland's former company (which would eventually become Olds).

After Leland sold Cadillac to Bill Durant, Leland stayed on for several years but ended up leaving due to a disagreement with Durant. Only then did Leland found the Lincoln Motor Company. So the only connection between Cadillac and Lincoln is that Leland was a founder of both.

Among other things, Leland was the pioneer of the use of interchangeable parts in the auto 'biz, plus he inspired Charles Kettering to develop the first starter.

My alma mater, named after Kettering, houses the definitive archives of the Detroit auto industry, and the Leland section dwarfs everyone else, including Ford.

Did you know : Antoine de Cadillac was not a French nobleman like he claimed.