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    Re: Black Ute Restoration Kiwi Style.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulMys View Post
    That is just incredible.

    There are pros, and then there are All Pros.

    Keep it up, and you'll be in the Detail Hall of Fame Aaryn..........
    Thank you PaulMys.

    Hahaha, you reckon buddy! If they immortalise me in wax, I sure hope they take some of the age out of that old man that stares back at me in the reflections I make!

    Quote Originally Posted by LSNAutoDetailing View Post
    Wow is all I can say! That’s some heavy duty cutting you did.

    Now the owner is gonna have to get a different “more beat up” UTE to go hunting with. This will be his Queen UTE .

    Nice work Aaryn.

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    Thank you LSNAutoDetailing.

    Yes indeed! The poor guy was horrified at what he had done. This Ute was merely weeks olds at the time & he was so happy I managed to “fix it” & he swore he would only take his old beater hunting from then on. Let’s hope that was the truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by VISITOR View Post
    amazing job! how many wool pads did you go through?
    Thanks VISITOR.

    Four Lake Country Low Lint Wool Pads, Four Lake Country White Hybrid Force Pads & Two CarPro Gloss Pads.

    To note, the roof & the bonnet were actually fairly unscathed, so required little more than a few extra passes with M205 on LC White Hybrid Force Pads.

    Quote Originally Posted by LEDetailing View Post
    One of, if not the single best 50/50 I’ve seen on AGO. Way to go!

    Cannot say I’ve ever seen a vehicle being showcased on AGO with dog boxes

    I’d have love to see the customer’s reaction when they first saw those results.

    Excellent work!
    Cheers LEDetailing.

    Haha, yup every third vehicle around these parts has a dog box. Some even have carpet glued to the bonnet so the dogs can stand up front when going through the busy & tag onto a Pig.

    Customer was well happy. Relieved & happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sizzle Chest View Post
    That 50/50 should win a prize or something! Amazing work A-man!!! Amaze balls!
    Thank you Scott.

    Appreciate it my friend thank you. Haha, absolutely! Like I mentioned in another comment - all the ducks lined up for this picture.

    Aaryn NZ.
    a DETAILS Blenheim New Zealand - IDA Member - C.Quartz Finest Authorized Installer

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    Re: Black Ute Restoration Kiwi Style.

    Stunning work, I’m blown away by the ability of detailing tools today. I bet the customer fainted when he saw the results.

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    Re: Black Ute Restoration Kiwi Style.

    So you're carpet extracting bonnets?

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