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    FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    Hey Team.

    It’s been a long time since I posted a Show N’ Shine but this car is a bit of an iconic car in these parts.

    This Mazda 808 Wagon has been rebuilt a few years ago by a local lad & brought back to its former livery from the early ‘90’s. Mike Whiddett (Mad Mike Whiddett) is a Kiwi Drifting super star & is known Worldwide in the sport, competing pretty much everywhere. He originally owned this Mazda in the early ‘90’s & it was a well known car in the Import/Rotary scene down here in New Zealand.

    Fast forward a few years & the current owner acquired the car & set about returning it to the way Mad Mike had it.

    RE REunion, which is a Rotary Engined only event that is held in NZ annually has just been & I had the pleasure of giving ol’ FURSTY a tickle up before heading to RE REunion. Having built my own 26 trophy winning Mazda RX3 Coupe around the same era, this one I guess seemed right at home here at Details.

    Note - this car is no show pony, it gets driven hard & spends a fair amount of its running time stationary with the rear wheels spinning. Therefore I didn’t take any ‘before’ pictures, well, because my aim wasn’t perfection.

    The engine bay was thoroughly waterless washed, aluminium parts were polished by hand as well as the paintwork. Also - nope, it doesn’t run a bonnet/hood. Paintwork wasn’t hideous by any means, it had its share of swirls & minor RIDS but considering it hadn’t ever been polished since the paint was laid, I’d say it was pretty good.

    Excitement took over during my test spot when I realised this was Single Stage paint!!! I really enjoy SS, I like how it responds to polishing & it’s just plain fun!

    So, Flex 3401 equipped with Lake Country Orange SDO pads & 3D ONE, created the depth, gloss & clarity I initially didn’t set out to find. With around 85-90% correction with 6 passes . . . Happy boy. Sealed it up with CarPro Reload. Tyres dressed with CarPro Perl, wheels, chrome, aluminium & other brightwork polished with Meguiars metal polish. Glass - Meguiars D120.

    Right - enough typing, enjoy the pictures folks.

    Thank you all for taking a look.

    Aaryn NZ.

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    a DETAILS Blenheim New Zealand - IDA Member - C.Quartz Finest Authorized Installer

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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    Very interesting car! Shines like the sunny sky!

    Nice work mate

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    Director of Training Mike Phillips's Avatar
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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    You always make cars look so freaking perfect!

    Excellent work my friend and ANYONE that gets you and your team to work on their car is truly lucky!

    Mike Phillips
    Director of Training Autogeek & Marine 31
    IDA Board Member - Certified Detailer - Skills Validated Detailer - IDA Recognized Trainer
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    Mike Phillips Detail Training Credentials
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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    Awesome work Aaryn!

    Aww the sounds from the very high rpm wankel engines is so great! A very good friend of mine had a Mazda 5 -77. He got a newly build wankel in it after he bought it. Helped him a lot with the audio system. This was in the late 90s. When rev them up and comes to 5000rpm and you normaly wants to shift gear and you let it loose and keep rev it LOL. That's just awesome. And this Fursty when drifting I can only imagine the feel and sounds when driven.

    Thanks for shareing this awesome car with us Aaryn! The blue color looks dripping wet

    / Tony

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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    That car is SWEET!!!!!!!

    Awesome post, Aaryn!
    It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk.

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    Thumbs up Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    "Rotating since 1993", that's awesome!

    GREAT work on such an ICON down there
    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport...coated, finally!
    JUN B.L.axle-back/SXTH Element CPLT intake & catch can
    Some say..."He likes Swedish fish because they're made with caranuba wax"

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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    Love the old rotaries. Car looks great.

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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    Excellent work on a super cool car!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Scott Harle

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    Super Member Paul A.'s Avatar
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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    DAMN SEXY! Beautiful work and presentation, Aaryn

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    Re: FURSTY!!! Kiwi Icon in the house!

    While looking at the extended pile of pics posted by Aaron my mind wandered off and came back with two thoughts.

    1. Wonder if Fursty has done some skids???

    Yup! He’s done some skids.

    2. Wonder what Fursty would be like with a barra under the bonnet? Don’t know but I know what it’d be like in a 4 door Toyota.

    Barra Barra Barra oi oi oi !

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    2017 Phantom Black Metallic Chevy SS, automatic, skylight, plus unused wheel in the boot.

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