Nothing like washing a car in light rain to start your day.
Thankfully the heavy rain held off until the car was in the garage.

Wash: Chemical Guys Citrus wash and Gloss
Clay: CG fine clay mitt
Polish: Rupes LHR 15 Mark II, started with an LC orange polishing pad and Menzerna FG400 but wound up going with an LC blue cutting pad and Menzerna super intensive polish.
1 area on the driver fender, Lake Country MF Cutting pad and 2 passes with FG 400, followed by an orange polishing pad and SIP.
LSP: Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant via PC and 4" red finishing pad.

Wheels were just washed, Purple power used to degrease the tires.
Meg's Hyper Dressing 3:1 for the shine.

Taped off the R/T decals:

Before Trunk:

Trunk after ( Don't mind the polishing dust )

Right side ( bulb ) polished with Orange Pad and FG400
Middle ( opener ) not polishes yet

Here you can see the 2 fine scratches at the top of the fender, not polished yet...but below them polished with the blue cutting pad and SIP, right side light not polished yet:

Hood before:

Hood after:

And on to the goodness:

and the Gav Details Favorite Shot: