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    2016 Mini Countryman Park Lane


    This was a newly purchased "pre owned" car. It only has 9k miles on it. Came from a Carmax. What Carmax does to prep a car for delivery seems to be next to nothing. I dont think the inside of the windows of this car had ever been cleaned. Other than that it was in good shape. The paint has some rids, but was not terribly swirled out. The vinyl decals had some pitting and were starting to show some signs of fading. I guess you could say I gave this car my deluxe exterior protection package.

    After a wash, used IronX to remove iron deposits. Then used my nanoskin medium sponge to remove contaminants from the paint. For the paint and decals, I used Carpro ClearCut. On the hood, I used it with a Lake Country orange cutting pad. For the rest of the car, I used a polishing pad. Im beginning to like this compound because it seems its quite versatile. It just goes against normal use practice, start gentle, and then add pressure. After that, I gave the car a nice wipe down with Eraser (love the smell of that stuff). The paint I applied Mckees37 coating to all paint and the red decals. The headlights and glossy black trim got Mckees Headlight coating. The black plastic trim got Mckees Trim Restorer. Wheels got Hydro2. Tires got Mckees Tire Coating. Glass I used Nanoskin rain. Interior I gave a wipe down with the new Blackfire Interior detailer, except for the seats which got coated with Mckees UV50 Leather protectant. Think that about covers it. Car has been sitting in my garage since Saturday since its been raining to make sure the coating has ample opportunity to cure. Should be fine by tonight when the owner is coming to pick it up.

    Only some after photos.

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    Re: 2016 Mini Countryman Park Lane

    Looks awesome! great job my friend.

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    Re: 2016 Mini Countryman Park Lane

    Better than new! Looks really good! Kinda cool car with the two tone paint and all.

    Great work!
    Scott Harle

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    Re: 2016 Mini Countryman Park Lane

    Great work Jared !!!!
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