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Thread: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

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    Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    I did this detail last year

    A friend of mine bought this beautiful grey-ish 2015 Honda Civic.

    At the time he asked me to detail and protect it, so I did it with a smile on my face. We planed the detail for a few weeks, just enough time for me to buy some stuff and get ready.

    The car was if fairly good condition with only some light swirls and a few light RIDS (nothing major).
    Light swirls on black paint (common wash and dry damage)

    Bird drop etchings

    More swirls

    My friend did however notify me on a few spots that were of concern to him. I believe they were chemical etchings but Im not sure. They were located on the spoiler and did damage the black gloss paint.

    I had two days to get the job done so I started right away. The process was:

    Wheels, arches and tyres:
    - cleaned with Meguairs Super degreaser
    - Iron removed with Carshinefactory Iron off
    - Hand polished with Serious performance paint cleanser
    - Sealed with Serious performance nano sealant
    - Tires dressed with Serious performance tire & trim dressing

    Engine bay, outside plastics and rubber seals
    - cleaned with Carshinefactory citrus APC
    - protected with Wolfs chemicals blackout

    - cleaned with ONR
    - De-tared with Carshinefactory glue&tar remover
    - De-ironed with Carshinefactory iron off
    - clayed with clay towel and ONR
    - polished with Optimum hyper polish + white hex logic pad for the most part and orange for some RIDS (also used a bit of Meguiars ultimate compound)
    - wet sanded those chemical etches with 2500 and 3000 grit and polished
    - polished with AF Tripple on some hand only reachable places and protected with Infinity wax dark

    - paint wiped with Optimum paint prep
    - a coat of Optimum gloss coat
    - after 1h a coat of Optimum Opti-seal to give the coating time to cure and protect it in the meantime

    - vaccumed
    - all plastics wiped with ONR or Carshinefactory A to Z
    - plastics protected with Carshinefactory dressing milk

    - cleaned with ONR
    - polished with Poorboy's professional polish
    - sealed with Angelwax h2go

    and final results

    Thanks for watching
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    Senior Member cleanmycorolla's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Pasadena, CA

    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    nice job!!!!!!!!
    Back to the full-time grind.

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    Senior Member Sicoupe's Avatar
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    Mar 2013

    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    Very nice work!

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    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    Very nice work! I wish they'd bring that civic to the states!

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    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    Thanks for the feedback guys...much appreciated!

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    Senior Member VISITOR's Avatar
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    May 2007

    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    good thing you coated it, one thing about honda's that i don't like is the crappy paint.. btw, nice job and love that color...

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    Senior Member dragan75's Avatar
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    Oct 2014

    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    dobra komsija nem da fali svaka cast.. nice

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    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    Love that coating.

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    Senior Member Sizzle Chest's Avatar
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    Re: Honda Civic got Gloss coated

    Nice work and write up!!!
    Scott Harle

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