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  1. Re: Bad application of CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating. Advise needed! Thx

    You mention applying it in the late afternoon. How hot and humid were the conditions? Were you in the shade?

    I recently applied CQuartz in a very hot/humid garage and ended up with similar...
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    Re: New mid engine Corvette. July 18th.

    Jalopnik has a good summary of many reviews here: 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette: Here's What Everyone Says About How It Actually Drives

    What I find really interesting is a base spec or Z51 Corvette...
  3. Re: Klasse Kit VS. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Elite Kit

    I would agree on the ease of use.

    I used the Klasse twins for roughly 10 years before moving on to 845 and then ceramic coatings. If you want to use a sealant, I'd look at Collinite 845 or some...
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    Re: New mid engine Corvette. July 18th.

    This is of course, all IMO...For me, chrome belongs on cars from that era, Bob!. The design of the 50's and 60's cars are well suited for all sorts of shiny grill work, bumpers, and trim pieces. ...
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    Re: New mid engine Corvette. July 18th.

    Not just the coupe, but a Grand Sport or Z06 with those extra flared fenders! I'm not a huge Vette fan, but have to admit the rear 3/4 shot of those C7 upper performance trims looks pretty amazing. ...
  6. Re: Help!! Oily Black Splatters all the time!

    Is there any road construction going on where they are repaving or sealing a road/parking lot? In the summer sometimes the tar used to seal cracks in the road may get reall soft and be flung up on...
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    Re: Too Much Splatter

    Other than polish, your pads are dry aren't they? How much polish are you putting on the pad?

    The only time I get splatter is when I mistakenly don't keep the plad flat or put too much polish on...
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    Re: New mid engine Corvette. July 18th.

    Has the press emargo on the C8 been lifted? I know the media is doing testing, but I was under the impression they still couldn't publish test results and driving impressions.

    EDIT: Just looked...
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    Poll: Re: Satin titanium or black wheels?

    I'd love to see if someone would be able to take a car like that and put it on a road course or a skid pad to do some testing. I'd bet the car would be faster on the 18's. It's been a while, but I...
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    Re: Marred Ceramic coating

    If the Nanoskin fine mitt is anything like the regular fine grade pad, I'm not too surprised. After using many differnt types of lubes and dumping it on the surface, I still had issues with the pad...
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    Re: My new ride...

    Great looking car! Congrats!

    Does it have either of the performance packages? I recently test drove a GT with the Performance Pack 1 and the handling was really good. It wasn't harsh or...
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    Poll: Re: Satin titanium or black wheels?

    No kidding. He probably saved quite a bit of unsprung weight at each corner and improved the ride quality as well. A win on all accounts from my perspective!
  13. Re: 12 month old car with good paint - what correction steps ?

    Another thing to consider beyond pads becoming saturated is heat. Pads will heat up while being used and you need to rotate them. Over time constant heating will break down the foam of the pad and...
  14. Re: Winterizing = FK1000P on top of ceramic coat?

    I agree with the others. There is no reason to put anything over the coating. It will last thought the winter just fine. If it wouldn't last through a winter in those conditions, it would be no...
  15. Re: Winter Storage: Blanket under Car Cover?

    Totally agree, too.

    Even if the car cover is weather proof, I'd be worried about temprature changes causing condensation to form under the cover which would then soak the blanket. The blanket...
  16. Re: best car shampoo/foam soap for coated car,

    I've used several shampoos with success on a coated vehicle, but my favorite right now is Optimum Car Wash.

    I hope you're not scrubbing too hard. On my coated vehicles, even the worst grime comes...
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    Re: Can you Believe this is a Hyundai

    We might if we had a picture of it with non-OEM wheels installed! :poke::)

    For OEM, those aren't bad looking. Lots of spokes though which must make them a bear to clean.
  18. Re: Sonax polymer net shield vs collinite 845 for winter ??

    Both should go the distance.

    I've personally used Collinite 845 and it easily held up for 5~6 months and performed well through some very nasty winter conditions.

    I have very little experience...
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    Re: school me on CanCoat

    I don't get too hung up on slickness as I'm focused on protection and gloss (in that order). I have noticed an application of Cure on top of CanCoat does make it noticeably slicker when applying...
  20. Re: Searching for the best sealant as stand alone product

    Agree with Jayfro for looking at something with greater durability since the car will sit out all the time.

    I'd look at things like PNS, Collinite 845 or 476, Menzerna Powerlock, FK1000, or...
  21. Re: How Often Should A DA Polisher Be Used?

    AIO's are really mild, so there should be minimal wear on your clear coat each time you apply it if you use it with a moderate polishing pad. How many times a year are you talking about using an...
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    Re: Midwest Winter Paint Protection

    I do just like everyone else here. Started off using Klasse SG, upgraded to Collinite 845, and then moved on to coatings and never looked back. When the winter months do set in, I'll run the cars...
  23. Re: Washing/Rinsing undercarriage without running water

    I thought you were talking about the hand wash places, not the automatic ones.

    Interesting those places claim to have an underbody, but you can't tell it's done. Around here, the underbody spray...
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    Re: New - McKee’s 37 Krystal SiO2 Paste Wax

    Wouldn't a "SiO2 Paste Wax" do the same thing? Anyting on top of a coating will mask the properties of the base coat.
  25. Re: Washing/Rinsing undercarriage without running water

    In the conditions you describe, even if you were able to clean the undercarriage at home, the minute you left your parking lot it would be dirty again. In the depths of winter, our cars are never...
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