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  1. Re: Memorial Day 2020 - Thank you to all our patriotic veterans and current patriots serving in branch of the military

    Memorial Day is for those still serving that never returned.
  2. Re: What's everyone's thoughts on the Covid-19 situation?

    I fear it will collapse the US economy due to the many business failures that are already happening. If the auto industry goes then hang on.
  3. Thread: PC vs Flex

    by RTexasF

    Re: PC vs Flex

    Flex has more than a dozen models. Which one are you considering?
  4. Re: I've never had to change my clothes during a detail... Until now

    Did your quote exceed the worth of the entire vehicle? Mine would have. If accepted, payment in advance (cash) would be required.
  5. Re: How do I eliminate rust on brake hubs and calipers?

    I doubt seriously that it can be eliminated. Temporary removal is a more real approach.
  6. Re: Don't use a rotary buffer to buff out a Motorhome or RV - HOLOGRAM CITY

    What a monumental task! Especially repairing what someone else screwed up.
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    Re: Desperately need new microfibers ...

    I think you could do better for a hundred bucks. In my opinion 9X9 towels are almost useless, 16X16 is imminently more practical for most uses. Yes drying towels are sometimes needed which are larger...
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    Re: Waterless/Rinseless wash options

    Let's not forget this old timer that still works like a charm:

    Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash
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    Re: Review: Mike Phillp's Silver Bullet Line

    Caught me limping on this one. Well done.
  10. Re: And now for something completely different - a little levity in light of the current issues of the day

    That snorkel also has a Mercedes price! Good sighting there Mike.
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    Re: HELP. Let a friend use my buffer/pads.

    Soak them in a bucket with hot water & Oxyclean overnight to start.
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    Re: Your day in three words

    Hanging in there.
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mike Phillips!!

    A day late and a dollar short but I wish you an extremely nice birthday.
  14. Re: NZ to Mickies House to Autogeek Open House to Space & Back ...

    You may have missed your calling as a gifted writer and photographer.....I felt that I was along on the journey with you and your family. You grace the USA with your presence when you & family come...
  15. Re: Boat Detailing Correction and Ceramic Coating Class at MTE 2020

    Your work is cut out (pun intended:laughing:) for you with that Bayliner. They weren't known for having the thickest gel coat even in their best years.
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    Re: My new car: 2000 Cadillac DHS

    Very very nice! Your hard work shows everywhere. I hope the Northstar V-8 holds up.
  17. Re: Bissel Little Green Carpet Cleaning Machine Unboxing & Test

    Here's a quick example of pre-treating prior to using the LGM on really shot floor mats. As I recall I used Folex initially.


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    Re: Struggling to bring in business

    Your story tugs at my heartstrings. I can only offer you best wishes in dealing with your loss and current situation. We ALL want it to work out for you.
  19. Re: 2013 Ford Edge Sport - Metallic Black - CQuartz Professional

    Nothing short of outstanding! No doubt the owner gladly handed over the $$$ after seeing his black mirror.
  20. Re: Bissel Little Green Carpet Cleaning Machine Unboxing & Test

    I also had one of those little gems. It held up for years under severe use. If you prespray the areas to be cleaned first with a product designed for that the results are even better.
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    Re: Anyone tried P21S carnuba wax?

    I used it long ago. On & off was effortless, nice deep reflective appearance too. Durability was just okay as with most carnauba waxes. Don't expect long term out of it.
  22. Re: School me on using a windshield treatment like aquapel, and longevity of wiper blades

    Not the desert but living here in Texas heat and UV is always a factor. I treated the wiper blades on both of our '08 cars with Aerospace 303 monthly. Due to that I have only replaced the wiper...
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    Re: Boat Detail Down Under!!!

    In your area it's function over form. That particular style apparently is totally suitable for the seas encountered there by serious fisherman. There are many commercial aluminum boats here including...
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    Re: Boat Detail Down Under!!!

    Nothing short of incredible! That style of boat is unique to the Kiwis and Aussies, there's nothing like it in North America. I hope your upcoming trip to our shores is both awesome and uneventful.
  25. Thread: Im out

    by RTexasF

    Re: Im out

    I have not seen any of this but I don't read every single post. If it is so, and Mike being overwhelmed with work, perhaps it's time for a few more full time moderators?
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