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  1. Re: When Turkey's Attack!!! 2020 Jeep Wrangler

    Very good results now if they could electrify that body to zap those turkeys!
  2. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant

    I finally had a chance to use this product on a friends Ram Truck, a metallic grey. The truck was washed the day before by a mobile wash service so I have no knowledge of what they used in products....
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    Re: Buffing too much ?

    The PTG is an instrument that reads the total thickness from the metal to the top of the paint layers. Do a search on Mike Phillips articles on paint thickness. The gauge will NOT tell you the...
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    Re: Best - softest NON-LINTING MF towel?

    If you used a spray ceramic and you see no water beading nor sheeting this spring then that coating is just gone. So using any polish compound of your choice should remove those toweling marks. And...
  5. Re: ceramic coating actual ingredent quality rating

    Yes each company sets their own price and that price does not indicate quality, just a price. All the products on AG are 'prosumer' grade and price. Each has a different chemistry that impacts the...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mike Phillips!!

    Happy Birthday, Professor Mike Phillips!
  7. Re: 2020 Mobile Tech Expo Class Schedule for Education Day on Thursday in Orlando, Florida

    Quick question about the MTE guest you had at the AG booths. Did the owner of Dr. Beasley's take time to talk about the new offering I see on special today? I did not have time to drop by the booth...
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    Re: Turtle Wax Ceramic Wet Wax (Mini-Review)

    GG Poly Wax is a good product and I had on one car but did not last a full year. It is good but not the better than other waxes or sealants ( with similar priced brands). While I am a great fan and...
  9. Re: Customer never used floor mats, do you charge more?

    As to the future, try the multiple question approach or give a very wide range on the quote. Upon inspection then would establish their expectation and the agreed upon price. Find out what is...
  10. Re: Boat Detailing Correction and Ceramic Coating Class at MTE 2020

    I hope you take the boat by the power washer before you bring it into the conference. Might create a mass exodus of the building trying to breath with the looks of that hull......LOL

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    Re: Quick winter wash/ wax recommendations

    Okay, we need to address the first problem, Road Grime.
    I am not aware of any product that will give satisfactory results spayed over the grime even if you did the pressure washer wand and rinse. ...
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    Re: Quick winter wash/ wax recommendations

    Pick up any of the Rinseless methods for doing this job in your garage (assume you do with those nice cars). Try to use it after the trip to the mountains and flush off that road grime. Going to...
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    Re: White car manteinance

    As Mike suggested, if it is working and you are pleased then use it up first. Then once gone you can try something old and tried or new 'hot' product.

    White cars never have the visual impact that...
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    MTE 2020 Orlando

    I am booked and ready to learn at the MTE Education day but this is my first MTE to experience.

    What can I expect to learn at the vendor booths on Friday?

    Is this event more a discussion on...
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    Re: PBL Paint Coating

    1. Agree with BSoares, I use ONR wash some of the washes and it is fine. But...
    I have started using the Wolfgang SiO2 Wash about every third wash. Often do the car with ONR in the car in these...
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    Re: Super Clean on the interior?

    I agree with Bob and do remember that all plastics are different. I can see your photo and it looks like the oils in the skin are what caused the color change, the APC just cleaned the plastic. I...
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    Re: Correcting Door cup area (not by hand)?

    Yes, if you have a rotary unit then those are a good addition. APEX Detailing has several YouTube videos where he uses that type of tool and shares links.

    Watch this one: YouTube
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    Re: G15 not in stock

    If you can wait then I suggest you to do so for the G15. If AG is out then something is odd in a good way. This might be the NEXT new upgrade from GG, as in a recent live video they were stating...
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    Re: Correcting Door cup area (not by hand)?

    You might try a small piece of foam as a wedge in the door handle. Just pull out the door handle till it stops and then place a soft wedge to keep it open. It is much easier then to lightly buff...
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    Re: Best trim polish for Honda Ridgeline?

    As PaulMys stated, once dry they will not attract dust. Both dry out nicely, and did my neighbor's Tacoma Saturday on his exterior window trim. Dried quickly.

    I understand your concerns on dust...
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    Re: Best trim polish for Honda Ridgeline?

    I have a bottle of this and also Wolfgang (WETS) between the two I find the application better with Bobby B.'s suggestion. WETS was my first dedicated product and it is working great, but I used a...
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    Re: Pressure Washing?

    If you have one, use it wisely!

    If your pressure is above 1700-psi make sure you only use the 25-or-40 degree spray tips and stay at least 3-feet from the car panels. That is for the purpose...
  23. Re: $1,000 Prize up for grabs when we hit our 1 millionth post!

    Nice target Yancy, but hope you do not have keep the tally all by yourself.
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    Re: What's the last form of exercise you've done?

    Mike with a bit more you could join a 3-man team for the Ironman! They do for a Half Ironman a 1.2-mile swim or Full Ironman is the 2.4-miles swim.

    Either way that's a lot of upper body workout,...
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    Re: Merry christmas autogeek!

    Merry Christmas enjoy the end of 2019!
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