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  1. Re: Turtle Wax Hybrid Spray Coating - Are the reviews misleading?

    Funny how many people that haven't tried it have such a strong feeling about it. I am at 3 months with TW HS AIO and then 2 layers of the spray seal and there is no noticeable degradation so far. It...
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    Re: Mother’s CMX is here!

    The TW Hybrid Solutions spray seal blows CMX out of the water. And its cheaper.
  3. Re: Any plans for Flex compact positive-drive orbital polisher?

    Tony, I own a Festool RO90DX. The DA offset is smaller than normal. Its not 8mm. I think it is 5mm, maybe even 3mm. So it acts more like a jiggling rotary. So the rotary PRM and the DA OPM are...
  4. Re: Any plans for Flex compact positive-drive orbital polisher?

    Twice the price of a G8 sounds reasonable to me.
  5. Re: Any plans for Flex compact positive-drive orbital polisher?

    There is a Festool compact gear driven sander/polisher. 3.5 or 4'" pads. It is expensive > $500.
  6. Re: 2008 Honda CRV - Never had a wax a single coat of wax or sealant!

    Good process. Your after shots prove it.
  7. Re: 1950 Panel Delivery - From neglected to respected

    I bet the curves on a classic car are better to learn how to machine polish properly than the mainly flat panel cars we have today.
  8. Re: What's in the box? Griots G8 Mini Random Orbital Polisher by Mike Phillips


    I've never seen a photo of the G8 next to the GG3. Even the griots website doesn't have one. Could you please take a photo of the 2 side by side? Just curious.
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    Re: And then... There was a G8 (Polisher)

    Make sure that the cord is pushed in all the way. There are people finding out that it takes more force than what they thought for the cord to fully seat.
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    Re: Hey Mike Phillips...

    Wear gloves though. That stuff does a number on my hands.
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    Re: Hey Mike Phillips...

    The Megs Wash Plus+ is very similar to a Comet wash if you have any of that on hand (obviously milder). Like a softscrub for the paint. I used it on a single stage red Tacoma that was oxidized. I...
  12. Re: Newb — need help with weird haze on metallic trim :)

    That looks like water mineral deposits. Powerclean won't hurt it but I don't think it will remove either.
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    Re: Compound to use once a year by hand

    Megs UC is what I will usually use on areas that need to be done by hand.
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    Re: Compound to use once a year by hand

    Aren't the SONUS polishes designed for hand use.
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    Re: Best finishing product for red/maroon

    Powerlock always looked good on red to me. WG Fuzion also looks good on red.
  16. Re: Should I Purchase a Jet Black Metallic Car ?

    Depends on your personality. I have owned 3 black cars in a row. The last 2 were not on purpose, they were just really good deals where color choice was not an option.

    If you are the type that...
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    Re: Carpro Hydro2 foam dilution, Am I crazy?

    I only use it premixed in a spray bottle. Not as a bucket wash. Spray panel, wipe it over with a mitt and then blast off. I only use it as a second wash on the wheels after they have been cleaned...
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    Re: Review - CarPro Merino Wool Pad

    I'm liking the wool pad designs that have that foam interface in between when using them on a DA. I only like this type of pad on a rotary.
  19. Thread: Clearcut Dust

    by DBAILEY

    Re: Clearcut Dust

    He said that he is removing visible oxidation. You are removing a lot of dead clearcoat. It would be normal for your pads to load up quickly and cause dusting.
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    Re: Foam Pad Options for the Griots G9 Polisher

    I am finding that the LC Force pads are pretty damn good all around pads. I don't own a G9 yet but I bet they would work well.
  21. Re: Did I miss any gift card sales or are they yet to come?

    You can use the discounted gift cards to purchase the tools that are usually excluded from the 15-20-25% off sales. Just need to plan your purchases ahead of time. Unfortunately its kind of hard to...
  22. Re: How Do I Clean and Protect A Roll Up Tonneau Cover?

    Duragloss has a very good tonneau cover sealant. I'm not sure about its silicone contect
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    Re: Optimum Glass Coat over pitted windshield?

    Find someone willing to go at it with cerium oxide polish, glass rayon pads and a rotary. They would at least diminish them.
  24. Thread: 4K HDMI cable

    by DBAILEY

    Re: 4K HDMI cable

    When its a digital signal on the cable then you just need to worry about the bandwidth and if it has enough/proper shielding. When its an analogue signal on a cable (RCA to RCA cable) then cable...
  25. Re: Review: Autogeek ProLock Power Cord by Mike Phillips

    Love the locking plug idea. The LED for the true ground is nice addition. How would you rate the flexibility of this cord? It is Flexzilla flexible or stiffer? Looks like it may still have memory...
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