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  1. Re: Review: Autogeek ProLock Power Cord by Mike Phillips

    Love the locking plug idea. The LED for the true ground is nice addition. How would you rate the flexibility of this cord? It is Flexzilla flexible or stiffer? Looks like it may still have memory...
  2. Re: What to do with one pit on windshield that left white mark?

    You can get the material they inject into the cracks on Amazon. People try to fix their cracked smartphone screens with it. You could try to fill the pit.
  3. Re: What to do with one pit on windshield that left white mark?

    Maybe the stuff they inject into impact cracks. That pit most likely is way too deep to try to polish out. Corrective polishing on glass can be a nightmare. You'll end up with a wavy spot in the...
  4. Re: Gear-Driven Orbital Polisher History by Mike Phillips

    I understand what you're saying about the body length. I found myself holding onto the very back with the one hand to separate my hands as much as possible. It took awhile but I found a comfortable...
  5. Re: Gear-Driven Orbital Polisher History by Mike Phillips

    Yes, it was definitely built like a wood sander.
  6. Re: Reset on non-coating SiO2 stand-alone or toppers?

    I think that the SiO2 spray seal would breakdown quicker over time than if you were washing with something like Hyperwash. I usually use Reset at half the recommended dilution if its not a true semi...
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    Re: I want to detail a Tesla Cybertruck.

    I can remember some IROCs that had anodized aluminum body panels in the late '80's
  8. Re: Gear-Driven Orbital Polisher History by Mike Phillips

    Makita also made the BO6040. I purchased one probably back in 2006-7
  9. Re: Turtle Wax Hybrid Spray Coating - Are the reviews misleading?

    Don't they say that the TW Ceramic AIO cleaner wax will remove it? That is by no means a compound. I thought it worked like something between fine and a fine/medium polish
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    Re: Review: BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant

    The old version of the BF Metal Sealant used to be my go to for a wheel sealant until I coated my wheels. It lasted a long time as a wheel sealant. I think it had high temp resistance.

    I did not...
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    Re: To 3k sand or not

    You would end up with a smoother paint surface using the #3000 or #5000 first knocking down the orange peel texture a bit. Does the current condition of your paint really warrant wetsanding?
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    Re: Griots g9 broken?

    I think they are incorporating a design that they used on the G8 that they are patenting. Something about the counterweight design doubling as a fan. They want to include it in the G9 design now.
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    Re: In the market for new woolies

    LC Purple Foamed wool work great with rotary. The B&S Euro wool pads are bit more aggressive
  14. Re: Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    That would be a handy tool. I'm always propping up the trunk or tailgate with a box or something
  15. Thread: Touch up pen

    by DBAILEY

    Re: Touch up pen

    How about a fine eye dropper? I think a little wet sanding my be needed filling a chip that big.
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    Re: Antique Car Detailing Clay

    I have been using the new improved Megs claybar kit. It has pretty good chemical resistance. I can clay a car using Carpro Iron X Snowfoam mixed into a spray bottle and make through the entire car...
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    Re: McKee's 37 SiO2 Series

    The McKee’s 37 Ceramic Wheel Sealant looks interesting. Being an AIO.
  18. Re: SEMA 2019 New Products - New Products Coming Soon!

    Iron particle removal without the smell? I've heard that before.
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    Re: Hybrid Solutions- A Brand of it's own!

    Do chemical torture tests on freshly cured sealant really emulate real world experiences? I personally think that the UV from the sun over 6 months is probably the biggest cause for sealants to...
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    Re: Shout out to Griot's

    Will the GG6 still be available or has production stopped?
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    Re: Recommended clay substitute?

    The mitts are probably the easiest to use. The towels are more versatile. After trying several mitts, towels, blocks and pucks I still mainly use a traditional claybar. Yes it is slower and you...
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    Re: Hard water etching

    Its a long shot, but about a year ago I cleaned up the same type of trim on an older MB with DG Squeaky Clean. I was using it to prep for a coating and realized that that trim that I had given up on...
  23. Re: Product Review: Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer

    Is the dyeing effect anywhere near as good as Solution Finish?
  24. Re: Bad application of CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating. Advise needed! Thx

    Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is too oily to use prior to a coating in my opinion
  25. Re: Recurring haze on headlights of 2013 Subaru WRX STi

    The SYLVANIA product is the same as the factory coating. I'm about to try shooting out of an airbrush to see how that comes out.
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