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    Re: Review: Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Try his is a very similar and continuation thread to this product.

    KILLER CAR WASH - Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash
  2. Re: Under hood protectant for dusty conditions

    Use this. It dries to the touch and won’t collect dust. Then a simple rinse or dusting will maintain it!

    Sonus Trim & Motor Kote, acrylic protectant, black plastic protectant, engine dressing
  3. Re: KILLER CAR WASH - Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    So I finally tried this on 3 vehicles!! I was going to do my own review but it would have looked almost like I copied and pasted Mikes review. To share some of my thoughts quickly:

    * Definitely a...
  4. Re: Review: Griot's G9 - 9mm Orbit Stroke Random Orbital Polisher by Mike Phillips

    I’m one that has been wishing for a revamped short stroke polisher! Personally, I find need for DA that isn’t a long stroke. Sometimes finishing on select paints with a long stroke doesn’t give the...
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    Re: Temporary LSP - What would you use?

    Optimum car wax and call it a day. I have had it last 4 months on it’s own.
  6. Re: New FLEX Tool - See it on this Sunday!

    Curiosity is killing me!
  7. Re: Any of these marks fixable without a DA polisher?

    Meguiars ultimate compound followed by ultimate polish should do the trick. Wax after to keep the area protected.
  8. Re: Griot's Garage G9 - 9mm Orbit Stroke Random Orbital Polisher - What's in the Box?

    Awesome job, Mike!!! Thank you for show casing this in such a detailer manner!!!!!!!

    So many awesome features. I personally love the cord. That is a fantastic concept and I wish more manufactures...
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    Re: Add G9 from PC 7335?

    I would say yes altho I haven’t used a G9 yet. The PC is under powered IMO and this new machine looks like a terrific bang for the buck. Read Mike Phillips review on the machine. His review is...
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    Re: BF One Step Topper?

    Funny this came up today. I just did a vehicle with BF One Step today. Topped with BF Midnight Sun. Looked fantastic. Usually my AIO jobs don’t get any added protection but this was a great client!...
  11. Re: Topping solution finish / Delux still a good choice

    I still haven’t found nothing better. Personally if you can wait two day, I find that ideal. If not just buff off any excess solution finish as good as possible and it will still be fine.
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    Re: What's wrong with this picture?

    Maybe nothing. Perhaps the new LC UDOS is a 5/8 thread! :)
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    Re: Mystery gift Labor Day 2019

    I dunno. Maybe I’ll give CS an email. Actually the free gift looked like it shipped on the invoice.
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    Re: Mystery gift Labor Day 2019

    Got my package but no mystery gift.

    My order came in just under the 150 requirement after the discount. I never took that into consideration when placing my order or I would have added something...
  15. Re: Before and After Barn Find using BLACKFIRE One Step - 1940 Buick

    Awesome turn around guys!!

    I will second the “let it FULLY dry” method. Makes wipe off soooooo easy. I often work around an entire vehicle THEN wipe off. This also allows the protection to do its...
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    Re: Optimum Tire Protection Coating (TPC)

    I will say that 3D yellow degreaser at 4:1 will not remove this stuff. Freshens it up rather nice!
  17. Re: Autogeek back to work! Hurricane Dorian has moved on

    I’m just glad everyone there is ok. Orders can wait... at least mine can.

    Some serious looking storm shutters there!
  18. Re: How does my product list and order look for detailing my car?

    I like your list!

    Personally I would stick to traditional clay to start off.

    Step 3 if skipping 4 and 5.

    Skip 4 and 5 if only doing step 3
  19. Re: Acid damage or cloudy streaks on chrome rims, any solution?

    Those look like chrome clad wheels. Basically chrome plated plastic. I can’t tell for sure but guessing from the wheel barrels... if that’s the case hopefully a compound/polish that you use on the...
  20. Re: Busting at the seams! New record for cars in the garage!

    Sardines! Impressive
  21. Re: KILLER CAR WASH - Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    That pic is rather impressive and certain proof.

    I’m planning on using this as a maintenance wash for my clients(and personal vehicles) to keep hydrophobic properties and protection intact...
  22. Re: KILLER CAR WASH - Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Not yet, Mike. Just placed my order and awaiting shipment.

    Reviewing this thread and your comments, it looks awesome tho and can’t wait to try it!!
  23. Re: KILLER CAR WASH - Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Finally ordered a 16 oz bottle of this to try out with the 25% discount.

    I’m beginning to regret that purchase and think I should have picked up the gallon.

    Looks awesome!!
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    Mystery gift Labor Day 2019

    Figured I start a thread to see what people get. My order was place today. Love 25% sales with free shipping!
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    Re: what do you charge?

    That is my maintenance wash procedure minus the claying. I only do it for people who see me at least 2 times a year for full exterior details that I am just boosting their LSP and keeping their...
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