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    Re: Spring order placed!

    I wonder if Hybrid Solutions 3-1 Detailer is as good or better as a drying aid. I’ll try it out eventually in the spring.
  2. Re: Pointless to pre-spray with ONR if I am doing a regular soap wash?

    I have plenty of gloss WWs and RWs. As long as the surface is a few degrees above 32, they shouldn’t cloud. If the weather is barely above 32 and there is wind or no sun, you might have clouding. ...
  3. Re: Pointless to pre-spray with ONR if I am doing a regular soap wash?

    Not pointless at all. It’ll help soften the crud and add slight lubricity. I think of it as better safe than sorry and totally worth it if you have the pre-spray resources available. Worst case,...
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    Re: Ceramic QD Face-off

    Added Hybrid Solutions 3-1 Detailer today, 24 hours after the rest. Original post updated.
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    Ceramic QD Face-off

    On 02/17/2020 I polished and prepped the 3 horizontal panels on the Acura TSX (hood, roof, trunk lid) to do a short duration comparison to get an approximate idea of longevity of some of the new...
  6. Thread: Dg #105

    by acuRAS82

    Re: Dg #105

    I should be using 105 / 601 over the next week or two, maybe twice. First time. I’m excited.
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    Re: Meguiars M27 and M799

    Yeah, my apologies for mentioning M27 is available. I was confusing it with Megs Liquid Ceramic Wax.
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    Re: Meguiars M27 and M799

    This is the only one I’ve seen, over on the sister site:

    Meguiars M27 my initial thoughts

    M27 is available now.
  9. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Spray Sealant

    I can understand your problem, it’s extremely thick and left a lot of hazing. I was able to wipe off though but wasn’t always easy. I eventually used very little and was able to wipe it off better....
  10. Re: Suggestion for white Focus paint AIO/LSP application

    Thank you Rambler! You are a smart, kind person.
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    Re: Your day in three words

    Father. Husband. Detailer.
  12. Re: Suggestion for white Focus paint AIO/LSP application

    Thank you! I’m so sorry to all but I meant DG 105 this whole thread, not 501. Hopefully that doesn’t change the responses. Original post updated.

    Mix 50/50?
  13. Suggestion for white Focus paint AIO/LSP application

    Our babysitter just got a 5-6 year old white Ford Focus and I want to hook her up with a cleaning and winter/spring protection. It’s her 2nd and best cat she’s owned and she’s quite thankful for it,...
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    Re: IGL Ecocoat premier

    It’s great. You won’t regret it. Goes on same as all of them. Lasts half a year. Looks great. One of the best of its kind.

    i recall you were using BF SiO2, and previously Mckees 10 Minute...
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    Re: Mckees37 Question

    Im guessing there’s a grace period here about discussing Mckees. Or can be discussed on the sister site. But you will have to go elsewhere to find the products.

    I’m hoping maybe people make up...
  16. Re: Products that fill and last beyond a wash?

    There’s numerous methods to use Essence Extreme Gloss. It should cut swirls away when used as with an aggressive pad and hand motions.

    I generally use Essence with a very fine pad / gloss pad...
  17. Re: ceramic coating actual ingredent quality rating

    Great responses in this thread.

    As far as going by experience, since it seems hard to determine coating longevity and price by ingredients or marketing:
    Last year I attempted to make a list...
  18. Re: Should I clean my undercarriage or no point

    My opinion: no point until spring. Even doing it every week, you never know. I believe corrosion happens fastest during changes from cold to warm and back, which is probably being reintroduced by...
  19. Re: Quick Detailer that I've been using resently...

    My guess is BM would indeed bond for some time, but you will lose the self-cleaning during the bonding time... kind of a waste of the Megs HCW if you like the self-cleaning.
  20. Re: Sonax PNS, GYEON Cancoat or Optimum Opti-Seal

    I can only vouch for PNS and CanCoat. Both perform similarly despite different base technology. Awesome self-cleaning and protection. Both apply quickly.

    Depending on your location and...
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    Re: 2016 CTS-V Black Diamond

    Nicely done! Hot car. I’m not a fan of all ‘black-out’ trim models, but this thing look awesome. The picture of the passenger front quarter panel looks like there’s a layer of marble over the...
  22. Re: Products that fill and last beyond a wash?

    CarPro Essence fills and will last 6 months of topped with something durable... particularly a coating or ceramic LSP. Collinite waxes (476 & 915) also fill well and can last 6 months.
  23. Re: Trying to Understand Ceramic Coating Toppers

    Can you really know that the coating has failed if the hydrophobic properties are gone? What if a few chemical washes and Iron Removers “rejuvenate” the beading characteristics? Did it “un-fail”?
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    Re: Which would you choose?

    Awesome clarity on that silver paint.
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    What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    Washed with Enigma Shampoo, drying aid with a Cancoat Merlin Mix (1oz CanCoat, 0.75oz Ech2O, distilled water in 16oz bottle).

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