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  1. Re: What's everyone's thoughts on the Covid-19 situation?

    What I find interesting is nobody seems to be offering significant incentives to spend money. Donít get me wrong, there are a few offering some sales and special deals; but for the most part business...
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    Re: Stimuls check

    This is so perfect. Statistics donít mean a ton, basically they can be presented or skewed towards any agenda the presenter buys into.

    Honestly, I wouldnít be surprised if America had more deaths...
  3. Re: non-professional comparison Rupes V Griot's G15

    FWIW Iíve noticed with BF Mk II the polish you use can effect if it how easily the machine stalls. Seems to me like it just works well with Rupes polishes. Tried some Sonax Perfect Finish & felt like...
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    Re: Winter Storage: Blanket under Car Cover?

    Youíre actually be best off just leaving the car uncovered and washing it every so often. Car covers are a bad idea - especially outside. They will get wet / dirty and wind will rub that thing all...
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    Re: Winterize without ceramic coating?

    Around here (NE PA) and likely where you are at - nothing will last all winter IME. Itís not the snow or mud - itís the brine they put on the roads. It damages everything it comes it in contact with...
  6. Pads Hotter Than Your Morning Cup of Coffee

    Youíre using the wrong pads. Using pads made to use with the machine will help. But, TBH, that may not be the whole answer. Iím sure I could use those pads fine on my 15mm. Likely something else is...
  7. Re: Are there any foods that you don't like or care for?

    Interesting thread here. I'm skeeved by seafood and don't eat anything living in the ocean/water. Nothing. Zero. Never have / never will. I've heard people say similar before - but they always have...
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    Re: The Best Product Ever!?

    Ill give you that. 914 is great for 2 reasons - there is nothing extra in it so it is very versatile and itís extremely cheap due to the high dilution - I basically use it like water.
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    Re: Product Confusion

    Donít swallow the Kool Aid. All those products are good. There is not necessarily right or wrong way or time to use them.

    With those products used correctly; the only additional ďshineĒ you will...
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    Re: The Best Product Ever!?

    Over the years so much stuff has came and went. Some of itís still around - but just isnít use a lot; even though itís a good product. I canít isolate one product as the best - but here are some all...
  11. Re: Is there a Bubba Proof Compound and Polish?

    Some of the most user friendly polishes are rarely discussed here if ever. They are the Optimum line of traditional & spray polishes.

    The regular polishes do no gum up or dust & have an almost...
  12. Re: Sonax BSD Application - Why is it so difficult?

    Iím guessing the problem is the temp + humidity because I use this stuff all the time on black no problem.

    One thing you can do, is spray the towel instead of the panel. Once the towel becomes a...
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    Re: Long Term Wear of Ceramic Coatings?

    To be fair, nobody has proved any coating (or any LSP for that matter) protects any vehicle paint surface from degradation in the long run.

    Even if it sticks to your paint and sheds water well,...
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    Re: Long Term Wear of Ceramic Coatings?

    This is awesome. Iíve mentioned it before but nobody seemed interested. Degradation of anything starts after day 1. So, in my opinion/experience, you will be living with a coating that is degrading...
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    Re: Collinite 845 over PNS?

    Layering products IME is a fantasy and likely creates poorer results than using individual products alone. Product #1 is degraded by whatever is in product #2 that makes it useable. Product #2 isnít...
  16. Re: Ceramic Coatings: Pinnacle Black Label vs CQuartz Lite

    Somewhat yes. On the other hand - I think Sonax BSD & Synergy are great products to top this with. They both work as well or better than advertised
  17. Re: Ceramic Coatings: Pinnacle Black Label vs CQuartz Lite

    Must be user error. Need to clay and try Resest! You didn't use enough... You probably used too much. There were polishing oils on the panel & it washed away! Your applicator and/or towel was...
  18. Re: Does all waterless wash act as clay lube? Specifically Pinnacle one

    Iíve used that exact product many times for clay lube since I have a gallon of it. It works 100% perfect. Better than ONR IME.

    Really doesnít matter. The one nanogram of carnauba in this stuff...
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    Re: Turtle Wax Seal and Shine

    Just picked up a bottle for $6 & havenít used it yet. The thing that I find amusing is who brought this stuff to market. Seems to be more legit than a lot of boutique coatings based on reviews from...
  20. Re: Do black cars really need products specific for black paint?

    Doesnít matter for wax, but always use black soap
  21. Thread: iPhone7

    by swanicyouth

    Re: iPhone7

    Honestly, Iím typing to you now from my iPhone 6 that works perfectly. Your issue sounds like the phone simply may simply need a new battery.

    You can DIY it for about $20. One of the reasons I...
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    Question about PH Neutral Car Shampoos

    Donít drink the Kool Aid. Really, those APC type shampoos may help speed up the full detail process on a neglected or trashed car. But any car with reasonable maintenance only needs a regular...
  23. Re: Dawn Dish Soap/Degreaser.... : "Including Greasy Car Rims"

    The stuff probably works as well as any car wash soap would. The problem is grease really isnít a significant contaminant on filthy wheels. If the wheels are just dusty any type of soap would work.
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    Re: Rupes Polishers Help!

    Honestly, you didnít ask - but if this is your first polisher youíd be much better served by a Griots 6Ē. OT has more power and the ability to use smaller pads - which make it significantly more...
  25. Re: Pinnacle Black Label Coating vs CQuartz Lite

    My experience with the Pinnacle paint coating is it gives a lot of good feels applying it but was decimated quickly here by winter brine mix; didnít last as long as just Collinite.

    If you live...
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