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  1. Re: Tesla Paint is interesting. What is your take on it?

    Yup they can be tricky. I suggest using a short throw polisher for finishing. I have had great luck with Megs 210 finishing down Tesla’s really well.
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    Re: Recommended clay substitute?

    If I don’t use actual clay, I really like this.,,,

    Optimum Ultra Clay Towel
  3. Re: OK to Use Blackfire One Step on Chromed Plastic Trim ?

    Should work great. Just don’t be too aggressive and try an inconspicuous area first.
  4. Re: Best leather product to maintain matte OEM finish?

    I like cleaning with Optimum Power Clean diluted appropriately then using Ultima Interior Guard Plus.

    Ultima interior shampoo gel is nice also for a cleaner.
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    Re: Problem with Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Take the average and mix .5 oz per gallon.

    Yea this stuff is expensive but if used properly and carefully.... it is amazing.
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    Re: Problem with Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Something like megs ultimate polish, 205, 210 or any finer polish you have.just so it has some light abrasives in it.
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    Re: Problem with Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

    Your going to need a light polish to remove those spots. What happened is the wash solution dried on you there. I love this shampoo and the protection it leave behind is unrivaled. The downside is...
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    Re: LHR 21ES is Dead

    Personally I spray a little WD 40 in the switch. If that doesn’t do it, maybe take it apart and clean the brushes. May have a little rust build up that is causing the issue.
  9. Thread: My new ride...

    by Dr Oldz

    Re: My new ride...

    Awesome Mark!!!!

    The wheels make it. Love em.

    Wish you the best of luck with it!!
  10. Re: Griots Garage product stained my rims - here is my attempt at a fix

    I honestly doubt that the Griots product ruined the rims but perhaps reach out to them for assistance!

    Secondly if you changing rims (4-5 a year) like people change socks, I wouldn’t worry about...
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    Re: Tar removal - Citrol or Tarminator

    I think Citrol works better and faster. But as stated above, it is more expensive. Maybe try a can and make your own determination to see if it’s worth it for you.
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    Re: Spray on rinse on

    Better yet, try this.....,

    Wolfgang ber SiO2 Coating Wash
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    Re: Optimum Tire Protection Coating (TPC)

    It is a little gravity fed air powered spray gun. Think HF has them for a few bucks.

    Y I think it’s better???? 1) even coverage 2) it’s fast 3) when applying with a MF applicator, I find it dries...
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    Re: Optimum Tire Protection Coating (TPC)

    Still looking good on my tires. I truly believe a hvlp gun is the best application method!
  15. Re: Review: Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer

    Awesome!!!! A true restored and ceramic in one step. That piece was hammered and looks great now!!

    Mike can you comment if this leaves a hydrophobic effect behind on plastics?
  16. Re: Review: Black Fire Bug Blocker on my Ford truck

    Wow. Awesome review. I’m wondering if this stuff can be put in a hvlp gun with a bigger nozzle. That would make application a breeze.
  17. Re: Providing some input on my Tornador Experiences

    Ahhh ok. Gotcha. From the pics I assumed it was a lot bigger!!

    Anyway, great post and thanks for sharing. I always considered those tools but never pulled the trigger. I may now!
  18. Re: Patented UV Protection - Optimum Car Wax - by Dr. Ghodoussi at

    True but from my understanding, the up protection actually migrates into the clear coat and doesn’t sit on top like typical waxes or sealants. That is why it is a patented process.
  19. Re: Providing some input on my Tornador Experiences

    Very nice. Love it!!

    I suggest in the future plumbing the air lines with multiple receptacles thru the garage. Makes it so nice to just plug in at multiple spots and allows for a shorter air...
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    Re: Did my first full detail with my G9

    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Re: NEW FLEX XCE 3401 Corded and Cordless Polishers!

    I can’t wait for the Super Beast!!!! Not that there is anything wrong with my 3401 tho. The new ergonomics are gonna be awesome I feel!
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    Ultimate Interior Guard Plus (UIGP)

    I have used many interior products thru the years. I still have not found anything that looks better or protects better. It’s non greasy, protects plastic, vinyl, leather and even makes fabric bead....
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    Re: Meguiars Hyper Dressing

    As much as I love HD, for engine bays I always use Sonus. Last much much longer and doesn’t collect dust like HD since Sonus dries to the touch.
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    Re: New - McKee’s 37 Krystal SiO2 Paste Wax

    Looks awesome!
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    Re: Just a little more cut??

    I personally really like the following:

    3D ACA 500
    Meg’s 110
    Sonax CutMax

    All work really well
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